One Of Those “I’m Just Sayin” Articles

Okay…….I’m just sayin’

  • Jared Kushner is on his way to the Middle East to Broker a Peace treaty between Israel and the so-called Palestinians (Philistines)
  • Jared is from an Orthodox Jewish family who are avid liberal Democrats
  • Jared has close relationships with Soros and the Rothschilds
  • Jared owned a 42 story building on 5th ave. in NY. The address? 666 Fifth Ave.
  • Lucent Technologies main office is at 666 Fifth Ave. in NYC
  • Lucent Technologies is the source for the new and improved RFID chip
  • Lucent Technologies sister company is called Lucifer Manufacturing
  • Jared Kushner and his family are close friends to PM Netanyahu

I’m not saying that Jared is the Antichrist. I AM saying that events and people seem to be lining up perfectly according to Scripture….






8 thoughts on “One Of Those “I’m Just Sayin” Articles

  1. I agree I don’t know if he’s the Antichrist will what and see but if he is then the Rapture of the Church is close remember Daniel 9:27!is about to be fulfilled along with many other Bible Prophecies it’s getting interesting.

  2. I play the numbers game on notable people. I even did it on Trump. I add up the numerical value of the name, multiply by three. First, Middle, Last, three. What I got for Trump was 666. Highly doubt he’s the anti christ. I even added up my name for the fun of it. I also don’t even know the correct way you do it.

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