CIA’s Program”UMBRAGE” Mimics Russian Hackers: Diabolical Plan To Take Down Trump

Have people forgotten about this program??? The memory loss is so convenient. Our Intelligence agencies are determined to bring down our president. I hope and pray that his attorneys remember “UMBRAGE!”

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

It feels as if we are characters in a novel by Tom Clancy.  Clancy mysteriously died in Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2013  after a brief illness. No autopsy was performed. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Perhaps Clancy knew too much.

The power of the CIA has been and continues to be dangerous and troublesome to those who govern the U.S.  Many believe that JFK was taken out by the CIA after he stood toe to toe against their power and promised to deal with this power struggle. They dealt with him instead.


Limbaugh: WikiLeaks Revelation That CIA Mimics Russian Hackers Changes Narrative [Video]

Packed away in the thousands of documents released by WikiLeaks Tuesday was one that fascinated talk show host Rush Limbaugh because it links to the narrative of alleged connections between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Folks, we are in the midst of dangerous times like…

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5 thoughts on “CIA’s Program”UMBRAGE” Mimics Russian Hackers: Diabolical Plan To Take Down Trump

  1. I’m afraid our Pres. T is very naive and so, too, his attorneys. AG Sessions was “taken” by his muslim/ socialist underlings. He recused himself, when he certainly did not have to do so Constitutionally. At this point, Pres. T is in the hands of attorneys, family, self, etc., that do not know his Constitutional rights and duties as Pres. of the USA. He is not being educated correctly, and he listens to naive, lefty, family members. He is listening to the politically correct crowd.


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