Oh, What A Surprise – George Soros Bankrolled Airport Demonstrations


Does this man every cease his evil ways?  The simple answer is NO. George Soros lives and breathes to wreak havoc in nations; pushing his Marxist/Socialist agenda wherever he can.  And he pays his sheeple well.

Did you know that this spawn of the devil organized and funded the the protests across college campuses, which pushed for BDS (Boycott Divestments and Sanctions) against Israel? Most of the leaders of these college based protests were Muslim students. Whenever we see large crowds holding well made signs, we can assume that Mr. Soros had his grubby fingers in the pot.

The Protests at Airports Over President Trump’s Executive Order 

From theduran.com

George Soros is the man behind protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action on immigration

George Soros is bankrolling the effort to stop President Trump’s temporary refugee halt order.

As with all color revolutions, one man stands in the shadows coordinating the efforts to destabilize legitimate governments with paid for useful idiots, assembled in the streets in protest of policy grounded in logic and national interest.

Of course we are talking about George Soros. His interest is a globalist agenda, and any nation state that is strays away from the neo-liberal religion he leads is a target for takeover.

Soros has overthrown countless governments all around the world (most recently Ukraine). He has destabilized entire nation states with his “Open Society” narrative that preaches no borders and no nation state, just absolute submission to a neo-liberal chaos that privatizes the state into the hands of the wealthy few, while promising to dole out state cash to the lazy masses.

Now George Soros is no setting his sites on the biggest of all color revolutions. A coup d’etat in the United State of America.

The color has been picked. The pink revolution.

An appropriate representation of the liberal left snowflakes leading the charge to tear the United States apart, so that their privileged and debaucherous lifestyle (bankrolled under the Obama Administration) can continue further…until nothing resembling American traditional values is left to salvage.

PJ Media reports…

The flurry of anguished news stories and protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action temporarily suspending “immigrants and non-immigrants” from “countries of particular concern” appears to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros.
Rather than a complete “Muslim ban” as promised during the campaign, Trump’s executive order contains moderate refugee restrictions, similar to those that have been implemented by President Obama. If reports are true that restrictions are being applied even to green-card holders, that is an unfortunate misapplication of the law that will likely soon be corrected.
Protesters quickly materialized Saturday at JFK Airport, where some refugees were being temporarily detained.

According to Breitbart, the signatories to the lawsuit filed Saturday to block Trump’s executive order included immigration lawyers from groups financed by billionaire globalist George Soros…  (emphasis added)

At least one case quickly prompted a legal challenge as lawyers representing two Iraqi refugees held at Kennedy International Airport in New York filed a motion early Saturday seeking to have their clients released. They also filed a motion for class certification, in an effort to represent all refugees and other immigrants who they said were being unlawfully detained at ports of entry.

The suit was filed by lawyers from the International Refugee Assistance Project, the National Immigration Law Center, the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the International Refugee Assistance Project (formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) at the Urban Justice Center.

The ACLU is massively funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundations, including with a $50 million grant in 2014.
The National Immigration Law Center has received numerous Open Society grants earmarked for general support.
The Urban Justice Center is also the recipient of an Open Society grant.
Taryn Higashi, executive director of the Center’s International Refugee Assistance Project, which is listed on the Trump lawsuit, currently serves on the Advisory Board of the International Migration Initiative of Soros’s Open Society Foundations.
Open-borders advocate Soros has provided some $76 million for immigrant issues over the past ten years.

Soros-funded “immigrant rights groups” helped influence President Obama’s immigration policy, and are now diligently working to remove Trump from the office of the President of the United States. source

Soros is the globalist of all globalists. I can just imagine him sitting in one of his mansions with a huge globe in front of him.  As he spins the globe, his eyes light up as he sees how many countries he has been able to agitate by paying unemployed liberals to do his bidding.  Do you think that the so-called Arab Spring was a spontaneous event?  No – George Soros funded all of the protests, while his pals, Hillary and Obama planned the events.

Destabilization of the nations is the goal, and Soros will not stop until he dies.



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  2. Actually he has run our government for quite a while…inch by inch, mile by mile. It is time to bring leviathan down. We cannot do this on our own. We must call upon the Host of Heaven through the victorious blood of Jesus to war for us. Let’s intercede, call for repentance of our ways and watch God bring order to this chaos. We love God with all our heart and others as ourselves….love wins.

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