Barack Obama: If Antichrist Had A Son – He’d Look JUST LIKE YOU (VIDEO)


In all my life I have never seen a person who embodies evil like Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s not the regular kind of evil. It’s smooth and slick and polished; but it’s EVIL  It’s charismatic and funny and talented and even handsome; but it’s EVIL.  It’s attractive and mesmerizing and makes the young swoon over it; but it’s EVIL.

Cold Chills Ran Down My Spine When He Would Speak

During his campaigning in 2008, whenever he would be on TV – that voice would scare me. There was something about it that was not normal. I couldn’t listen to him.  My sons, who had never been interested in politics, were drawn by BHO. It was all they talked about.  That made me literally sick. One of my boys drove by himself to Philadelphia, just to be part of the adoring crowd as BHO spoke and hypnotized the unsuspecting young people.

This is Satanic

There was no doubt in my mind that we were witnessing what Paul told us about in the Word:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

We are just days away from the Inauguration of Donald Trump.  The radical left are promising blood shed and violence and anything that will stop Donald Trump from becoming our next president.  These brainwashed and godless  individuals do not realize something that we know:

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world”  (1 John 4:4)

Praise God and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Fast and pray for this inauguration. Satan will have his demons out in full force.  But when we are on our knees, praying to our Father in heaven – the gates of hell cannot prevail against us!


Soros Should Have His American Citizenship Revoked – He Is An Enemy Combatant


It is time for this evil man to be removed from the U.S.


How Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros Manipulated the 2016 Election

He was particularly successful topping conservative law enforcement officials around the country.

He’s “the puppet master,” Glenn Beck says. He creates what The Washington Times calls an “echo chamber” in the mainstream media. The studies and messages he manufactured were “used verbatim hundreds of times in sources ranging from The New York Times to the Philadelphia Inquirer.”

While left-wing billionaire George Soros wasn’t able to tip the presidential election to Hillary Clinton, he made a significant difference in other ways this election season.

Soros Exposed — Through Hacks
In August, the site DCLeaks released over 2,500 hacked internal documents from Soros’s organizations, primarily his Open Society Foundations. Although the mainstream media has virtually ignored the documents, a handful of conservative sites have been picking through them. J. Christian Adams of PJ Media has put together the biggest exposé.

He’s “the puppet master,” Glenn Beck says. He creates what The Washington Times calls an “echo chamber” in the mainstream media.
The leaked documents revealed not just run-of-the-mill leftwing donations, but the type of activism worthy of the title “puppet master.” For instance:

Soros tried to influence European elections in 2014, and is seeking to influence Malaysia’s elections in 2018.

He sought to influence Supreme Court justices on illegal immigration in the case U.S. v. Texas, “primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy.”

The Open Society Foundations funded opposition research on critics of radical Islam.

The Open Society Justice Initiative calls for international regulation of the internet, to determine “what information is taken off the Internet and what may remain.”

He provided $33 million to radical groups like Black Lives Matter to foment unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country.

Manipulates Media Coverage
Soros has built up a conglomerate of political and media organizations, which he uses to influence public policy and the mainstream media. The leaked documents, Adams observes, “reveal deliberate and successful efforts to manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media outlets like The New York Times.”

For example, he funds organizations like the Brennan Center for Justice that claim there is no voter fraud. The idea of the “voter fraud myth” is then pushed out into the media through his own media operations, including “New America Media,” which caters to ethnic groups, and a “Media Consortium.”

In contrast, Adams notes, “Conservatives and Republicans have no opposing effort or source of funds that represents even a small fraction in opposition to level of the Soros-led manipulation contained in the leaked documents.”

Soros’s organizations include, ACORN, and numerous pro-amnesty organizations. He has repeatedly referred to himself as a “god,” and wrote in his 1987 book, The Alchemy of Finance, “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance — to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein.”

He amassed his fortune through risky currency trades. He was convicted in 2002 of insider trading by a French appeals court. The Malaysian Prime Minister said in 1997 that Soros’s risky trading was partially responsible for the collapse of several Asian currencies.

Poured Over $25 Million Into the 2016 Election
Soros contributed $8 million to the super PAC associated with Hillary Clinton this past year, and $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, a PAC that targeted Trump. He donated $3 million to a PAC called Immigrant Voters Win, which seeks to get out Hispanic voters in key swing states. During the primary, he even contributed $488,375 to a PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, in the hopes it would prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination.

He paid organizations to cause chaos at the Republican National Convention. He gave the left-wing activist race-related organization Color of Change $500,000 to collect signatures for a petition demanding that Coke and other sponsors withdraw their support from the convention. It worked, scaring off several corporate sponsors, and Coke only contributed $65,000, far less than the $660,000 it gave in 2012. Color of Change seeks to defund law enforcement agencies that don’t “defend black lives.”

Soros paid $500,000 to Brave New Films to create a fake petition requesting open carry at the GOP convention. He gave the ACLU $1.7 million for lawsuits that successfully gave protesters more access to Trump events.

As part of his effort to overhaul the U.S. justice system, Soros poured money into several law enforcement races around the country. He contributed a total of $9.6 million to defeat white Republican male DAs in particular, and replace them with minorities who favor a radical transformation of the justice system. He also injected money into Democratic primaries, to ensure the most radical Democrat won. He won all but two of the elections he funded.

He targeted Arizona county Sheriff Joe Arpaio due to Arpaio’s tough approach to combating illegal immigration, contributing a stunning $2.3 million to defeat him. This enabled unknown Democrat challenger Paul Penzone to win, even though he has a history of domestic violence involving his ex-wife. It is extremely rare for a Democrat to get elected to a countywide office in Maricopa County, and would almost certainly not have happened in 2016 but for Soros’ intervention.

Racism, Voting Fraud and Other Meddling
Soros funds organizations that hype up cries of racism, like Black Lives Matter, and others that claim Republicans want to disenfranchise minorities. The fear-mongering seeks to radicalize minorities, and incentivize them to work registering voters and supporting far left candidates.

Soros is the largest contributor to Democratic efforts to block election integrity laws. He committed $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, an organization which fights election integrity laws.

This election cycle, he bankrolled lawsuits challenging these laws in the swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina. The North Carolina law had a “strict photo-ID requirement, shaved a week off of early voting, and cut same-day registration, preregistration and out-of-precinct voting.” He successfully got it put on hold during the election. In Wisconsin, his efforts got a photo ID law reduced in scope.

Soros grants led to Oregon and California moving toward mandatory voter registration, where everyone who is on a government database is automatically put on the list of eligible voters.

At least George Soros is an equal-opportunity manipulator. The U.S. isn’t the only country he wants to change. Russia was so concerned about his influence that it banned the Soros Foundation as a “threat to national security and constitutional order.” source

Soros Angry at Outcome of Election

No matter how much money and power this man has, he was unsuccessful in tipping the election to Hillary Clinton.  He is livid.

Now he is paying millions of dollars to his left wing groups – now under the umbrella of “DisruptJ20” networking his groups – Black Lives Matter, Open Societies, The Occupy movement and many others he has funded through the years. He is paying them dearly to wreak havoc at the Inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. The goal of these people is to shut down the Inauguration.

This man is an enemy of America and our Constitution.  The First Amendment  insures freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.  Soros is NOT calling for peaceful assembly!  He is calling for riots and blocking major roads and “civil unrest” which is also known as rioting.

Dual Citizenship  

He was a citizen of Hungary until 1961, when he obtained “dual” citizenship with the United States.

The time has come to remove this man from the U.S.  He has blood on his hands and I pray that Donald Trump will be advised to rid our country of this demonic world agitator.

He will still wreak havoc from Hungary, but at least he will not be allowed to do his communist business in the U.S.

Here is an article I wrote about the actions of George Soros through the years:

George Soros: The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet

Pray that all of his money and power will not be able to cause violence at the Inauguration of Donald Trump!