As a Jew I Am Angered At the Liberal Media Calling President Trump Anti Semitic


I am outraged. Really OUTRAGED!

I am so sick and tired of seeing unfounded headlines and articles, trying to persuade the liberal idiots that Donald Trump is anti Semitic. And oh are the sheeple taking the bait!

I see it all over Facebook. Liberals with cartoons of President Trump giving the “Heil Hitler” arm outstretched Nazi greeting. Preposterous!

The ignorant liberal media is implying that Trump’s “America First” was taken from the 1930’s movement which vilified the Jewish people. Nothing could be further from the truth. But “truth” never stopped the liberal media rags. Truth is not part of their narrative.

Remember, the devil is a liar and the father of it.


ABC News Correspondent Says Inauguration Had “Overtones” Of “Anti-Semitic Movement”

In a move that was shocking to absolutely no one, the liberal media criticized President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, but one reporter confusingly called the president’s message “anti-Semitic.”

ABC News’ Terry Moran reasoned that because Trump put the words “America” and “first” together, that the president was drawing upon the 1930s anti-Semitic movement that vilified Jews.

However, the liberal reporter clearly overlooked two important details about Trump: Not only are Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, members of the Jewish faith, but an Orthodox Jewish rabbi also gave the benediction at Trump’s inauguration.

Moran argued that, although Trump’s message of “America first” was exactly what the people who voted for him wanted to hear, the president should be careful when using that phrase because of negative historical connotations.

The reporter pointed to the United States’ hesitancy to get involved “in Europe’s war” in the 1930s, when some people argued that the situation in Germany was the “Jews’ fault.”

And he wasn’t alone. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow also emotionally proclaimed Trump’s “America’s First” slogan as having “very dark echoes in American history,” according to Fox News.

However, anyone who has listened to Trump’s message since he announced his decision to run for president should know exactly what he meant when he said “America first.”

He obviously doesn’t mean we should sit by as an oppressive government tortures and gases its citizens to death. Instead, he simply means we should start implementing policies and enacting laws that put our country on the path to prosperity.

For example, “America first” means being more concerned about the safety of our people and protection of our national security than not hurting someone’s feelings who wants to come into the country illegally.

“America first” means making sure that the backbone of this country — hardworking Americans — aren’t overtaxed and forced to pay for unaffordable health insurance.

“America first” means, most importantly, upholding the tenants set forth in the Constitution and protecting our founders’ design through every means necessary.

Arguing that Trump meant the phrase in any sort of anti-Jewish way overlooked the many ways in which Trump has supported, been involved with and celebrated Judaism.

For example, Rabbi Marvin Hier was the first Orthodox rabbi to give the inaugural benediction since Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. Moreover, Hier has served as the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which regularly confronts anti-Semitism and defends the safety of Jews worldwide. As Breitbart noted, he’s probably a lot better than Moran at detecting actual anti-Semitism.

Most importantly, Trump’s support for Israel has been clear in recent weeks, as he announced his intention to support moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.source

First of all, President Trump has an Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is married to daughter Ivanka. Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and is raising her children as Jews. Our president has so much respect for Jared Kushner, that he has brought him on as his Senior White House advisor.

Secondly, President Trump has promised to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem – a far cry from the despicable stab in the back which Barack Obama gave to Israel at the U.N. before his departure. Where was the outcry from the liberal press then? Absolutely nothing BHO did was ever criticized by the liberal press. And now they are screaming ANTI SEMITISM at Donald Trump for using the phrase “America First?” Oh PLEASE.

Donald Trump is an American Patriot. He is protective of the American people. I would not blame him one bit if he winds up not allowing the mainstream media to attend press conferences.

Pray for President Trump. Even though he is not shaken by the media lies, it still must be hard to have this happen on a daily basis. And pray for his safety. I’m sure that George Soros would pay dearly to have our president eliminated.

Pray that God would hedge him about with His protection.


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  1. Why get so riled over the liberal press, the truth always wins. I know who will one day soon rule from Jerusalem, Yeshua. We are living in dark times so keep your eye on Yeshua and let Him worry about the liberal media. Instead pray for them because He doesn’t want any to perish.

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