All Who Will Not Accept Donald Trump As Their President: GET OUT of the U.S.!


This article is written to the paid protestors across the nation who have shouted “NOT my President!”   I’m shouting back “Get out of my country!”


More Than Half of Arrested Trump Protesters in Oregon Didn’t Vote

More than 60 percent of those arrested in Portland for protesting against Donald Trump’s election did not even vote in Oregon.

KGW-TV in Oregon reports that at least 69 of the 112 busted by Portland police either didn’t turn in a ballot or were not even registered to vote in the state. The television station said it compiled a list of those arrested and then compared it to the state voter records.

The Portland NBC affiliate discovered:

  • Thirty-four of the protesters arrested didn’t return a ballot in the presidential election.
  • Thirty-five were not registered to vote in Oregon.
  • Twenty-five demonstrators taken into custody did vote.
  • KGW was still trying to determine the voting records of the remaining protesters who were arrested.

USA Today reports that downtown Portland was the scene of a protest on Saturday that turned into a riot.

The newspaper said protesters blocked roads, threw bottles at police and dragged metal barricades onto train tracks.- source

I’m quite certain that the profile of the typical professional protestor in Oregon would be the same for protestors across the nation.  This is pathetic.


Obama: No, I’m Not Going To Tell These Anti-Trump Protestors Who Didn’t Vote To Shut Up

In a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, outgoing President Barack Obama said that he wasn’t going to tell anti-Trump protestors to remain silent. The Left’s temper tantrum against President-elect Trump has been raging for days, with some devolving into riots. Obama noted that he has also been protested by the Right, and that protesting those in power is as American as apple pie (via The Hill):

President Obama won’t try to call off protests against Donald Trump, he said Thursday, ignoring pleas from the president-elect’s advisers to denounce the nationwide demonstrations.

“I would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised over the course of the campaign, I would not advise them to be silent,” Obama said during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Obama said protests are just something Trump would have to get used to as the leader of the free world.

“I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years,” he said. “And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests.”

Of course, I’m not going to say these protestors don’t have the right throw a hissy fit, but they should be prepared to take the ridicule, especially since some of these snowflakes didn’t even vote. That was evident with the Portland riot. Kids, you can protest, but the cause is somewhat undercut if you don’t vote.

Our own Leigh Wolf and Justin Holcomb ventured into D.C., which held an anti-Trump protest at George Washington University, where it was more or less more of a buffet for progressives to air their grievances, like the North Dakota pipeline, though a handful of students who were LGBTQ said they were worried about a Trump presidency. Did anyone tell them that Trump is probably the most pro-gay rights Republican ever elected?

In the meantime, continue to throw a fit, progressives. You still lost. While 2012 stung, at least Republicans can sleep knowing that they never called for riots, protests, or for Mitt Romney to sue the United States. Yeah, some Clinton voter said that the former first lady should sue the country…because she lost an election. It’s come to this. – source

So BHO declares that all presidents have had the problem of protesting/rioting. I think he pulled that one out of the air, because I don’t remember Conservatives having unruly protests and throwing bottles and other projectiles out of anger.

And believe me – we have had reason to riot!  These last 8 years have been hellacious for many of us.

If Obama is speaking about the Conservative pundits and Social Media slamming him for his lawlessness; and is calling our free speech “protesting” I say to him that protesting from behind a keyboard is a far cry from physically injuring others and being PAID to do it!



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