A Prayer Group To Pray For the Safety Of Donald Trump


If you are on Facebook, a group has been created called “Prayer Warriors for Donald Trump.”

Please join us if you feel so led to pray daily for President-elect Trump. There are many who are calling for his assassination.  We are praying for a hedge of protection from the Lord for Donald Trump and his family; also for Mike Pence and his family.

Please join!



One thought on “A Prayer Group To Pray For the Safety Of Donald Trump

  1. So glad! I’ve been tell folks that our prayers have just begun!! And, that when everyone awakes each day, that after they put on their armor, they must put on Trump’s armor. He’s a baby Christian and won’t know. That we are to bind his mind to the mind if Christ, his heart to the heart of JESUS & FATHER, and his spirit to the HOLY SPIRIT. I believe we are able to do this, just as we do for our children and grandchildren. To do this for Netanyahu and. Pence, I’m sure does self, as he’s been believed for long time. I believe we should pray for someone to come alongside and disciple Trump. For we’ve not heard if anyone is doing so. Thank you, again Geri!! Don’t know how many are. A big Baptist church in Denton have been praying since way before election,band are now meeting at church and home on Thursdays for communal prayer. Too far for self, but they are live casting it!! May GOD BLESS you and this Righteous endeavor!!

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