CHRISTIANS: Get Off of Your Self Righteous Backsides and VOTE!


I am tired to the point of being physically sick at the SELF RIGHTEOUS Christians who are condemning other Christians for supporting Donald Trump in this election.

I get emails from countless number of readers of my articles, condemning me – even to the point of telling me that I am putting my salvation in jeopardy by supporting Trump!  Since when is our Salvation “Works based?”

Brothers and sisters in Christ:  DO NOT LISTEN to these Pharisees!!  We are voting for the President of the United States (not a pastor) and this may be the most important election in the history of our country.  It’s ISSUES for which we are voting!  And it’s the SCOTUS (to have it be conservative) for which we are voting.

Who knows what God may do?  He could give us more time to share the Gospel of Christ with others. He could cause a great awakening and a revival to America!  But if Hillary Clinton gets into power, you can expect to ultimately be placed in prison. Your beliefs will be called hate speech, and the LIBERAL SCOTUS that Hillary will put in place will be ANTI-CHRISTIAN and then it’s over for America.

Here is what Hillary Clinton will do to Christians:


Christians: Vote Trump Or Else

“Or else what? Or else our daughters will be forced to take showers with young men who think they may be women, per Obama’s “Justice Department” transgender directive that puts schools under threat if they don’t comply. Or else girls and women will need to accept men in the next bathroom stall, some of whom have already assaulted girls in the restrooms. Or else you could be forced to resign from your job because of your support of man-woman marriage, as was Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla Firefox.

Or else you could be a doctor or nurse forced by law to perform partial-birth abortions because Hillary Clinton and the Justices she appoints believe the “right” to kill a baby as it is coming out of the womb is more important than the right of conscience that tells a Christian it’s wrong. Or else your priest or pastor could be compelled by the government to marrying same-sex couples, as military chaplains are now pressured to do.

Hillary has already signaled she plans to erase our religious rights in order to usher in the leftist secular Hillaryworld she has planned for America. She told the 2015 Women in the World Summit in New York City that “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will … And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” In other words, she intends to dismember the deeply held Biblical foundations of our predominantly Christian nation to serve her leftist agenda.

Anti-Trump Christians: conniving, cynical Hillary will continue the destruction of your ability to live out your faith already underway during the Obama years with everything from forbidding valedictorians to mention God in speeches to dragging into court the Little Sisters of the Poor who care for the elderly and dying in 30 nations.

Hillary revealed her massive arrogance and dealt a staggering insult to Christianity when she called millions of Trump supporters “irredeemable,” among other outrageous slurs. This is not a trivial misreading of the Bible, but the very heart of the nation’s dominant religion and the faith of nearly all the Founders.

Who decides whether or not a person is redeemable? Our redeemer, Jesus Christ decides, not Hillary Clinton. That Clinton thinks she can decree that any of us is “irredeemable” and thus unrighteous in the eyes of God Himself, is beyond disturbing. If she can decide that we free citizens of America are such “deplorables” that we are beyond redemption, what would keep her from placing limits on our right to “freely exercise” our religion as the first sentence of our Bill of Rights guarantees? After all, we’re “irredeemable” so why should our faith matter, or deserve protection under the law?

Christians: Hillary and her faithful media lackeys are distracting you with their attacks on Donald Trump for his alleged moral lapses at the same time they are bent on obliterating the morality you uphold in your religious faith. Do not be fooled. She can do enormous damage to religious rights simply by appointing two or three Supreme Court justices if she is president.” -source