Amir Tsarfati: “It is Your DUTY To VOTE – Do Not Be Apathetic!” (VIDEO)


Amir Tsarfati is a brother in Christ from Israel. His Behold Israel Website is so powerful and used of our God in a mighty way! He has become a friend as well. Yesterday, my heart was so heavy because of what I see happening on Facebook among many Christians about this election.

They are being told that they should stay away from the polls in November. They are even being told that to take part in the election process would be considered evil by our Lord!

Yesterday, I spoke with Amir. He told me that he had this so heavily on his heart, that he actually ran outside and filmed his plea to vote to his brothers and sisters in Yeshua.  I believe that the Holy Spirit urged him to do this!

PLEASE watch and listen to our brother Amir.  He tells us that what we are seeing in the polls is deceptive. The media reports what they are told to report to make us feel hopeless. Amir tells us that it is not just our privilege to vote – it is our duty!

He reminds us of Bibi Netanyahu’s last election, and how Obama sent his people over to Israel to thwart a Netanyahu win. Even the polls showed that Bibl would probably lose.  But brethren, Bibl not only won, but he won by a landslide!  God is able!

Please watch and please share this. May this video of our brother go viral!