Hollywood Feels Vulnerable in Light of Orlando – But Still Won’t Say “Islamic Terrorism”

Hollywood primadonas

So, let me get this straight.  The stars and starlets of Hollywood, who have been calling those on the right “Islamophobes” are now fearful for their own lives.  They just feel vulnerable; you know – being out there in front of their adoring fans – they just don’t know what might happen to them in this crazy world.

They don’t dare say that it’s ISIS or people who are pledging their allegiance to them, that they are fearing.  They are talking about stalkers and crazy people – but definitely not Muslims.  Oh no….they would NEVER say it was Muslims they fear. That would not be politically correct!

From hollywoodreporter.com

Red-Carpet Security Under Scrutiny Post-Orlando as Lapses, Crashers, Proximity to Stars Pose New Risk

Hollywood grapples with balancing key access to celebrities with safety as THR reveals how porous the red carpet can be after studying a year of film premieres: “We all need to take a second look at what’s going on in the world around us.”

Red-carpet events and Hollywood have been synonymous since Sid Grauman decorated the entryway of his Egyptian Theatre for the first movie premiere, Douglas Fairbanks’ Robin Hood, in 1922. Now, the fatal shooting of YouTube star Christina Grimmie during a June 10 autograph signing in Orlando and the massacre of 49 revelers at the city’s Pulse nightclub two days later are shining a new light on security concerns at high-profile events, the lifeblood of an industry that increasingly depends on publicity and granting fans access to stars.

For anyone in the public eye (and their managers, agents and publicists), what happened to Grimmie is an absolute nightmare. Innumerable stalking cases have made headlines through the years (actress Rebecca Schaeffer was shot and killed by an obsessed fan in 1989, and more recently, in 2014, a stalker entered Selena Gomez’s Calabasas home), but social media has made it so much easier for fans to access celebrities on a more personal level than ever before. And talent reps say they often feel pressure from studios and tour promoters for stars to approach fan pits and sign autographs at premieres or after concerts. These areas often are filled with unscreened fans. -source

First of all, who do they think they are?  They speak of themselves as if they are royalty.  Secondly, why do they dance around the REAL problem?  We all know that it’s Islamic Terrorists who instill fear in the hearts of people all over the world!  The Hollywood prima donnas have spent so much time pointing their fingers at those of us who tell it like it is – calling us Islamophobes, haters and right wing nuts; and now after the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando, they are expressing their own concerns about being vulnerable.

They won’t say that an Islamic Terrorist might harm them.  That would not be very “Hollywood” to do.

The THR article goes on:

“Studios are really forcing the talent to engage with their fans on a personal level. It’s sort of like a free pass for strangers to touch or grab them or want more from them than they should be obliged to give,” says a rep for well-known actors. “It has just evolved into a level of expectation that if talent doesn’t walk over to the fans, they’re booed.”

Security at high-profile events is an even bigger concern. During the past year, before the two Orlando attacks, THR staff made more than 55 visits to red-carpet events throughout Los Angeles, including premieres promoting films from every major studio. (TV premieres also were examined, as were celebrity-rich charity and fashion events, including those hosted by THR.) Despite the presence of hefty security — dozens of guards with earpieces, hundreds of feet of barricades, the occasional metal detector — it typically was strikingly easy to stroll very close to the carpets.

“What we do in Hollywood is fun and isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, but a nightclub in Orlando is supposed to be fun too,” says Liza Anderson, founder of Anderson Group Public Relations, who represents Eva Longoria and other top actors. “So we all need to take a second look at what’s going on in the world around us and figure out where the balance is.”  (Emphasis mine)

Indeed, most in Hollywood agree tighter event security is a priority. But balancing the tension between a desire to promote films in a splashy yet cost-effective way and ensuring the safety of guests (in a world where no amount of precautions is impenetrable) leads to few easy answers. Of the 24 distributors and TV networks whose events were penetrated, only two offered an on-the-record response.

“The safety of our guests and staff is a priority at all Open Road Films events,” says the Spotlight distributor’s executive vp publicity Liz Biber. The firm’s Mother’s Day premiere in May at the TCL Chinese Theatre featured dozens of guards and appearances by Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet — as well as an uninvited, unchecked attendee 5 feet away. “We will continue to take appropriate measures to maintain the highest level of security at our film premieres.” – source

Okay – let’s cut to the chase, shall we?  The Hollywood darlings are beginning to understand that Islam does not take kindly to homosexuality, and they also know that these people do not just talk about their opposition to being gay – THEY KILL GAYS!   No wonder Hollywood is nervous. They peddle every kind of abomination known to man!

Because of their political correctness, they cannot come out and say that they fear Islamic terrorists;  but they do, and they have every right to fear these ruthless killers!  I am certainly against most movies which come out of Hollywood, and my husband and I do not see “R” rated movies.  But we are Christians. We are not terrorists.  But don’t tell that to BHO and his friends – they claim that we are as bad as any terrorist.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

My advice to the Hollywood crowd – get off of the PC wagon and start calling a spade a spade!  The people who shout Allahu Akbar, and then slaughter dozens of people in cold blood are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.  

I have even better advice for Hollywood. Most of them need to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins – and follow Him for the rest of their lives!