Lucifer’s Swiss Tunnel: 112 Earthquakes During 17 Year Construction


I have been researching the building of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which will officially open for trains in December of this year.  I am shocked at some things I have uncovered.

Firstly, there is a tunnel with the same name, which goes directly through the Alps – not as long as this rail tunnel – but impressively built nonetheless. In October of 20o1, there was an horrific accident in this two lane tunnel for cars. Two trucks collided head on and burst into flames.

From the LA Times  (October 26, 2001)

Swiss Fear Scores Dead in Tunnel

AIROLO, Switzerland — Rescuers on Thursday beat back a fierce blaze sparked by a truck crash inside the longest highway tunnel through the Alps. Eleven people were confirmed dead, and officials fear others lay incinerated in the inferno.

About 128 people were reported missing by family and friends–up from 80 Thursday morning. Authorities said the higher number reflected duplication, with worried people phoning separate hotlines in different Swiss states.

“It is a scene of horror, a scene of total destruction, a scene of dreadful tragedy,” said Swiss President Moritz Leuenberger, who is also transportation minister.

The blaze began Wednesday morning in the more than 10-mile-long St. Gotthard Tunnel when a northbound truck lost control about one mile inside and crashed into an oncoming truck carrying tires, which then caught fire and spewed poisonous fumes. – source

Earthquakes During Construction of Gotthard Base Tunnel


A series of 112 earthquakes was recorded between October 2005 and August 2007 during the excavation of the MFS Faido, the southernmost access point of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel. Earthquakes were recorded at a dense network of 11 stations, including 2 stations in the tunnel. Local magnitudes computed from Wood–Anderson-filtered horizontal component seismograms ranged from −1.0 to 2.4; the largest earthquake was strongly felt at the surface and caused considerable damage in the tunnel. – source

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It seems to me that with the history of tragic events happening in tunnels through the Alps, coupled with 112 earthquakes; one of which caused extensive damage to the new tunnel – and then mocking God with a totally satanic production, as if they were giving their thanks to Lucifer for the completion of the new tunnel; these people are tempting the Lord God to show them that HE alone is the Lord!

Please understand that I am not in any way wishing or hoping that something tragic happens.  I am concerned for the thousands of people who will ride the train through the Gotthard Base Tunnel – a train that was dedicated to Lucifer.

God help these people.  May many of them turn to You for Salvation.