Liberals and ISIS – a Fatal Attraction

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As a Jewish Christian, I am keenly aware of the left wing’s love affair with Islam and even with ISIS. I have pondered this over and over in my mind, trying to understand the rationale of these people.

I know that most on the left hate Israel and Christians. ISIS hates Israel and Christians. Can this be the bond these liberals feel with Islam and ISIS? Can they actually look past the atrocities done in the name of Islam because they feel a kinship with the terrorists over their disdain for Christians and Jews?

Other times I wonder if these people hope that when the jihadists make their way to American cities (they’re already here), the terrorists will have vetted prospective targets, and if they find that some are liberals – they will be spared. Could they actually be that stupid?

I have a strong suspicion that most or all of the young crowd at the Bataclan concert hall who were slaughtered in Paris were liberals. Their liberal ideologies didn’t do much for them in the eyes of ISIS, did they?






Back before WWII broke out in Europe, over 900 Jews saw the writing on the wall in Germany, and tried desperately to be taken in by a compassionate country. They saw the winds of anti Semitism blowing once again in Europe, and they had heard of the death camps awaiting them. They needed a safe haven. They set out for America. It was their only chance for survival. FDR turned them away – back to Germany. Many of them wound up in camps. Most of them perished.

“In June 1939, the president refused to permit the entry of the passengers of the St. Louis into the United States; this would have required an executive order or an act of Congress. Roosevelt similarly took no action on the Wagner-Rogers Bill, introduced in February 1939, which would have admitted 20,000 Jewish refugee children into the United States outside the quota. The president’s passivity toward these appeals was due in part to fierce political opposition; Roosevelt’s opponents in the Congress threatened to introduce legislation that would reduce, rather than increase, the quota. [1] – source

So, for those liberals who believe that every refugee has a right to come to America; they need to become a student of history. They will see that “Everyone” does not include Jews.”

Here are the Jewish refugees who were denied access to live in America returning to their deaths:


Now, the Christians of Syria are not considered “Refugees” – only the Muslims. After seeing the pictures of the Christian villages burned to the ground; the rape and slaughter of Christians; the beheading of children in front of their parents, and parents in front of their children — the Christians are not considered refugees. Our president has set the rules.  It’s hard to fathom this sort of evil.

Seems that these so-called Syrian refugees are being forced on us. This is being overseen and orchestrated by the U.N. and it taken right out of their play book for the Sustainable Development Agenda. The forced migration of Syrian Muslims is being done for one very evil reason – to destabilize the nations. The U.N. is getting ready for the next phase in their push for the NWO. They want no more borders. Their vision is for “Regions” not nations; and then enter Antichrist.


Brethren, we know that we are hated and we also know that the world hates the Jews. But we also know that God loves us, and He is for us.

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8: 31).

Very bad times are coming. Those of us with discernment know this. Ask the Lord to keep your mind focused on Him. He is our reason for living, and others who do not know Him as Lord and Savior need to hear the truth! Time is so short. Share His wonderful love and Grace with others. You may be the only person who ever shares the Gospel with them!

Jesus is coming soon! Time is SO short!


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