ATTENTION SOUTH AFRICA: David Duke is a Former Grand Wizard of the KKK- DO NOT Allow This Man to Speak for You!

This morning I was given a video about South Africa and the continued mass murders of white farmers there.  As I clicked on the video, it only took me a moment to recognize the narrator. It was David Duke – former grand wizard of the KKK.

Growing up as a Jew, my father would tell us that anyone who hated blacks also hated Jews. He would speak to us about the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and how despicable and hate-filled they were.

Mostly known for lynching black men and burning crosses, their white supremacy mantras made it quite clear that Jews were also in their crosshairs.  They would be quoted as saying “The only good Jew is a dead Jew” and “The Holocaust NEVER Happened.”

David Duke is the face of the KKK – a former Grand Wizard of the nefarious group, turned politician, actually won a seat in the House of Representatives of Louisiana . That speaks loudly about many in the South – sorry, but it’s true.

Mr. Duke’s Despicable Resume:

Grand Wizard of the
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
In office
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Don Black
Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
from the 81st district
In office
February 18, 1989 – January 13, 1992
Preceded by Chuck Cusimano
Succeeded by David Vitter
Personal details
Born July 1, 1950 (age 68)
Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.
Political party American Nazi (before 1975)[1]
Democratic (1975–1988)
Populist (1988–1989)
Republican (1989–1999; 2016–present)[2]
Reform (1999–2001)[3]
Children 2
Education Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (BA)
Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (PhD)

David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white supremacist and white nationalist politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

The reader should take a second look at the Political Party affiliations of David Duke through the years.  Here they are once more:

  • American Nazi Party (before 1975)
  • Democratic Party (1975 – 1988)
  • Populous Party (1988- 1989)
  • Republican and Reform  (1999- 2001)
  • Republican (2016 – Present)

Example of Duke’s Opportunism

When President Trump won in 2016, you may remember that David Duke threw his support to Trump.  Donald Trump denounced this man as a hater and said that he did not want his support.

But of course, the liberal media ran with Duke’s endorsement, ignoring Trump’s denouncement of him.

David Duke on Jews:

Duke trying desperately to leave behind his RACIST past:

EU votes against helping whites in South Africa   (Does this surprise anyone?)

The Plight of South Africa

Here is one of many articles I have written about South Africa:

New South African Leader Calls for “Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”  WARNING: GRAPHIC photos.

Now that you have a clear picture of the life of David Duke, I am hoping that the readers of this article in South Africa will reject David Duke as a spokesperson for them.

The man is an opportunist and the quintessential face of RACISM!   

The blacks in South Africa are being applauded by the devilish government, led by Jacob Zuma, to kill white farmers and their families to take the lands away from these farmers.

For David Duke to come into South Africa and presume to speak for the whites is so counterproductive!  This man is a devil, and until such a time when he is born again (if that ever happens) he will remain a devil!

WE need to speak up for the farmers!  WE need to sign petitions to allow these farmers to migrate to America!

Jacob Zuma sings about killing the Boar:

Brethren, pray for the people of South Africa.  Pray for the communist leaders who are calling for white farmers to be slaughtered – pray that many in the government would be drawn by our Lord and their hearts changed.

PRAY for the White farmers and their families, that if the killing persists, that our government in the U.S. would come to their aid. Our president should have a program in place right now to bring these people to America.

It is obvious that the EU and the UN is turning a blind eye to the genocide.  No surprise there……..

Shalom ‘Yeshua



New South African Leader Calls for ‘Cutting the Throat of Whiteness’ WARNING: Graphic pics

I wrote recently on the atrocities which are happening against white farmers in S. Africa.  There is a petition asking President Trump to allow these farmers and their families to migrate to the U.S.  These are true refugees fleeing from certain death. These are men who have farmed their lands for decades and will come to America with skills and talents.


Immigration Priority to South African Farmers facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder  < click here to add your name to the petition. 


Racist South African Political Leader Julius Malema: “Go After the White Man… We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”

In 2011 South Africa youth leader Julius Malema told his supporters that the white farmer’s land must be sharedby all black Africans.

The South African Parliament voted to confiscate land from white farmers without payment last week.

A reader of my articles contacted me over a year ago to alert me as to what was happening in South Africa.
Here are the articles I have written thus far:

NOW,  your voice can be heard by the White House, but you MUST sign the petition!  Here is it again. They are not asking for money – just your support!

Immigration Priority to South African Farmers facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder   (the goal is over 90,000 signatures by March 30.  To date they only have a little over 9,000!

WARNING: GRAPHIC pictureS of the slaughter of white farmers and their families. This is happening EVERY DAY.  If the U.N. will do nothing, then America must!!   


Brethren,  I am sorry for you to have to see such horrific pictures of the slaughtered farmers and their family members.  But I truly felt that to make people see the importance of signing the petition, was to see what is happening to the farmers and their families.

This happens EVERY DAY!

PLEASE sign the petition so that the farmer and their families who want to escape the horror of South Africa, can migrate to America.

YOU can save precious lives!




Trump is Petitioned for White Farmers From South Africa to Come to U.S. As Refugees

For the last couple of years, I have written on the slaughter of white South African farmers.  A reader of my articles from S. Africa has kept me apprised of the situation there.

Here are a couple of my articles:

White Genocide in South Africa: A Plea for American Christians to Pray

Bury Them Alive is the Cry From South Africa’s Government

Now President Trump is being petitioned to allow white S. African farmers to be allowed to emigrate to America after their government has ordered them to be forcibly removed from their farms.

In the past years, scores of white farmers and their families have been brutally murdered while law enforcement and the government look the other way.



More than 10,500 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament in favour of land expropriation, which would strip white farmers of land without compensation.

The petition calls on the U.S. leader to “take the steps necessary to initiate an emergency immigration plan allowing white Boers to come to the United States.” Boer is the term used to describe South Africans of Dutch, German or Huguenot descent, who are also commonly referred to as Afrikaners.

The petition suggests that Trump should stop admitting refugees from Somalia and the Middle East, claiming they “cannot be properly vetted,” and allow white South Africans into the country instead. They “can be easily vetted and also possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and civilization,” the petition says.

In October last year, thousands of predominantly white protesters took to the streets throughout South Africa to protest a string of deadly attacks in rural areas of the country


A similar petition, calling on European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May to allow white South Africans into EU countries, has gained nearly 17,000 signatures.

South Africa’s parliament voted to remove white South African farmers from their land without paying them compensation in a landmark vote on Tuesday, reported.

The motion was supported, but amended by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), with the party promising reforms that will address racial disparities in land ownership.

Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the move, with the motion passing 241-83.

It was a key part of recently elected President Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform. Ramaphosa, who has long supported Nelson Mandela’s vision for South Africa, took office last month, replacing former President Jacob Zuma.

More than two decades after white-minority rule came to an end in South Africa, most of the country’s profitable farming land is owned by white residents. A recent land audit conducted by Agri SA, a South African agricultural industry association, found that white farmers still control 73 percent of the country’s profitable farming land.

Agri SA expressed concerns over the parliament vote, saying that while it “fully understands the need for land reform and the frustration with the apparent slow process and is committed to orderly and sustainable land reform…politics and emotion dominated the debate.”

Dan Kriek, Agri SA’s president, warned that the rights of all property owners in South Africa were at stake. He said that amending the country’s constitution property clause would be a step backward into a past where the protection of property rights was not applied across the board.

Ramaphosa urged people in South Africa not to panic over the results of the vote.

South Africa’s Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department echoed that sentiment in a series of tweets. “This is a serious matter. It’ll be handled through dialogue and in a stable manner. No need for beating war drums and creating unnecessary panic! South Africa belongs to all who live in it!” the CGTA wrote.

“As we address the land issue, we’ll ensure that equitable land is distributed to our poor people in a way that will ensure continued stability,” the CGTA added.

Earlier, the department had tweeted, “Land is our heritage, our identity and essentially our dignity. We owe it to our children to dispel the myth that Africans are not interested in commercial farming.”

“We’ll continue to help improve the lives of South Africans through making tough decisions. This is a moment where we all need to rise and tackle this issue and emerge victorious,” the CGTA added, including the hashtag “#LandExpropriation.”

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters opposition party, which introduced the motion told parliament, told lawmakers “we must stop being cowards. We must stop working around the white minorities who are governed by the fear of the unknown when it comes to the question of land expropriation without compensation.”

He said land expropriation would end disparity caused by “criminals who stole our land.”

Malema also said “the time for reconciliation in South Africa “is over,” reported. “Now is the time for justice,” he said, adding, “We must sensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

Malema has been a strong supporter of confiscating land from white farmers, saying in 2016 he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people–at least for now.”

The creators of the petition demanding that Trump admit white South Africans into the U.S. as refugees claim that the “increasing murder rate, along with the campaign to dispossess whites of their history, culture, farms, property and jobs, will inevitably lead to a complete genocide of South Africa’s white population” if the U.S. does not “intercede.”

Related: Zuma’s reign in South Africa is over—but what’s next for the country?

In October last year, thousands of predominantly white protesters took to the streets throughout South Africa to protest a string of deadly attacks in rural areas of the country. Protesters claimed that farmers were more likely to be murdered than the average South African, with some claiming that the attacks were racially motivated.

An investigation by the BBC last November determined that the claim that farmers are more likely to be murdered than the average South African “is not supported by reliable data.”

The BBC found that farm murders in South Africa are at their highest level since 2010-11. The country’s police service says 74 people were murdered on farms between April 2016 and March 2017, compared with 58 in the previous year. Those numbers, however, reflect the number of murdered farmers, farmworkers and visitors to farms regardless of race, the BBC notes.

It is unclear where people who are signing the petitions on are based. Signatories cite fears of a “white genocide” as their reason for signing, while others appeared to express sentiments aligned with white supremacy.

A spokesperson for told Newsweek it would look into whether the petitions violate any company policies and whether the website plans to take any action. – source 

Brethren, please pray for these farmers and for the Christians in South Africa.  This is an atrocity happening to these farmers and their families,  while the world looks away.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!   Lets make this go viral and get over 10,000 signatures!!

Immigration Priority to South African Farmers Facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder    <<Click here to sign petition