White Genocide In South Africa: A Plea For American Christians To Pray

Recently, a reader of Raptureready.com wrote to Todd Strandberg and copied me about the atrocities happening in his country of South Africa.  The writer of the email gave me permission to publish it in this piece:

“On the 22nd of April the Christians of all race groups are coming together to pray for our country. God has given Angus Buchan a number of one million people who will be going. For South Africa this is a great number considering that we are 40 million people in the country. Already most places of accommodation have been sold out in the Bloemfontein area. The prayer meeting will be held on a farm outside of Bloemfontein.

Our country is in a terrible state with corruption, raping, hi-jacking and the most heinous murdering and torture ever imagined (especially on farms). With the greatest of respect to all Americans due your sufferings and problems, you guy’s have no idea of the utter violence and disrespect of life that goes on in South Africa. The government has no control, and the quietness from them sends a positive message to all evil doers.

The “normal” murder rate, as I understand it, is 7 people murdered for every one hundred thousand citizens. In South Africa, it is 130 for every one hundred thousand citizens. Farmers are murdered and tortured in ways you cannot imagine. There are open statements being made that all white people in this country are going to be murdered.

Todd, I take a lot of encouragement from the fact that God heard the cries of His people in the USA, and changed things around for you.

I ask you now, please could you stand with us in South Africa by asking our USA brothers and sisters in Christ to pray with us and stand in the gap on 22 April that God would change South Africa for His glory.”

From newamerican.com

South Africa Facing White Genocide, Total Communist Takeover

While most of the world refuses to acknowledge what is happening in largely communist-controlled South Africa, the non-profit group Genocide Watch declared last month that preparations for genocidal atrocities against white South African farmers were underway and that the early phases of genocide had possibly already begun. In the long run, Genocide Watch chief Dr. Gregory Stanton explained, powerful communist forces also hope to abolish private-property ownership and crush all potential resistance.

According to experts and official figures, at least 3,000 white farmers in South Africa, known as Boers, have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Many more, including children and even infants, have also been raped or tortured so savagely that mere words could not possibly convey the horror. And the problem is growing worse, international human rights monitors and South African exiles say.

The South African government, dominated by the communist-backed African National Congress (ANC), has responded to the surging wave of racist murders by denying the phenomenon, implausibly claiming that many of the attacks are simply regular crimes. Despite fierce criticism, authorities also stopped tracking statistics that would provide a more accurate picture of what is truly going on in the so-called “Rainbow Nation.”

In many cases, the murders are simply classified as “burglaries” and ignored, so the true murder figures are certainly much higher than officials admit. The police, meanwhile, are often involved in the murders or at least the cover-ups, multiple sources report. A white South African exile living in the United States told The New American that when victims are able to defend themselves or apprehend the would-be perpetrators, many of the perpetrators are found to be affiliated with the ruling ANC or its youth wing.

Experts are not buying the government’s cover-up. “The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental,” said Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch during a fact-finding mission to South Africa last month. It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes, he added — especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. “We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation that will try and determine who is planning these murders.”

Indeed, most honest analysts concede that the thousands of brutal killings and tens of thousands of attacks are part of a broader pattern. And according to Dr. Stanton, who was also involved in the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa and has decades of experience examining genocide and communist terror, the trend points toward a troubled future for the nation.

“Things of this sort are what I have seen before in other genocides,” he said of the murdered white farmers, pointing to several examples including a victim’s body that was left with an open Bible on top and other murder victims who were tortured, disemboweled, raped, or worse. “This is what has happened in Burundi, it’s what happened in Rwanda. It has happened in many other places in the world.”

Speaking in Pretoria at an event organized by the anti-communist Transvaal Agricultural Union, Dr. Stanton also slammed the effort to dehumanize whites in South Africa by portraying them as “settlers.” The label is meant to paint Afrikaner white farmers — descendants of Northern Europeans who arrived centuries ago — as people who do not belong there.

It is the same process that happened prior to the infamous genocide against Christian Armenians in Turkey, Stanton explained. The dehumanization phenomenon also occurred against the Jewish people in Germany under the National Socialist (Nazi) regime of mass-murderer Adolf Hitler, well before the Nazi tyrant began implementing his monstrous “final solution.”

Unfortunately, South Africa might be next in line, experts believe. “Whenever you have that kind of dehumanization … you have the beginning of that downward spiral into genocide,” Stanton noted, adding that the situation in South Africa had already moved beyond that stage. The next phase before extermination, which began years ago in South Africa, is organizing to actually carry it out.

“We are worried that there are organized groups that are in fact doing that planning,” Stanton continued during his speech. “It became clear to us that the [ANC] Youth League was this kind of organization — it was planning this kind of genocidal massacre and also the forced displacement of whites from South Africa.”

Genocide Watch raised its alert level for South Africa from stage five to stage six — the eighth and final stage is denial after the fact — when then-ANC Youth League boss Julius Malema began openly singing a racist song aimed at inciting murder against white South African farmers: “Shoot the Boer” and “Kill the Boer.” Described by the anti-genocide group as a “racist Marxist-Leninist,” Malema has also been quoted as saying that “all whites are criminals” and threatening to steal white farmers’ land by force.

After the calls to genocide made international headlines, the South African Supreme Court ruled that the song advocating murder of whites was unlawful hate speech. Incredibly, the President of South Africa, ANC’s Jacob Zuma, then began singing it early this year too. Since then, the number of murdered white South African farmers has been growing each month, according to reports. Other senior government officials, meanwhile, have openly called for “war.”

“This is the kind of talk that of course is not only pre-genocidal, it also comes before crimes against humanity,” Dr. Stanton said, urging everyone to remember that they are all members of the human race. “Those who would be deniers, and who would try to ignore the warning signs in this country, I think are ignoring the facts.”

There is also increasing “polarization,” where the target population — white farmers in this case — and even moderates are portrayed as an “enemy,” Stanton explained about the march to genocide. And that phenomenon is ever-more apparent in South Africa, leading Genocide Watch to classify South Africa as being close to the final stages of genocide in July of this year.

The issue of land distribution, which has become one of the key drivers of the downward spiral, is also among the greatest concerns. The white minority in South Africa still owns much of the land despite ANC promises to redistribute it to blacks. But the re-distribution that has occurred — like in neighboring Zimbabwe — has largely resulted in failure.

Despite the atrocious track record so far, extremists including elements of the ANC-dominated government are now hoping to expropriate land from white farmers more quickly, with some factions even arguing that it should be done with no compensation at all. And the communist agenda, like virtually everywhere else where forcible land redistribution has been adopted, has even broader goals.

“Whatever system of land tenure is adopted in South Africa, the communists — in the long run — have in mind to take away all private property. That should never be forgotten,” Stanton warned, noting that he had lived in communist-run countries before. “Every place you go where communists have taken over, they take away private ownership because private ownership gives people the power — the economic power — to oppose their government. Once you have taken that away, there is no basis on which you can have the economic power to oppose the government.”

Meanwhile, the South African government is stepping up efforts to disarm the struggling white farmers, too — stripping them of their final line of defense. As has consistently been the case throughout history, of course, disarmament is always a necessary precursor to totalitarianism and the eventual mass slaughter of target groups. In fact, arms in the hands of citizens are often the final barrier to complete enslavement and even extermination.

“The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons,” Genocide Watch noted on its website in an update about South Africa posted last month. “Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings.”

The exile who spoke with TNA said that many of the guns confiscated from whites by officials have later been found at the gruesome murder scenes of white farmers. Even mere possession of an “unregistered” or “unlicensed” weapon — licenses have become extraordinarily difficult to obtain, if not impossible — can result in jail time. And in South Africa, especially for white farmers, that is a virtual death sentence, with widespread rape and HIV infections being the norm.

Dr. Stanton promised the Afrikaners that he would be visiting the U.S. Embassy and bringing the issue to the attention of world leaders. However, he also urged them not to give up their guns and to continue resisting against the communist “ideology” espoused by so many of the political and party leaders that now dominate the nation’s coercive government apparatus.

The United Nations defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.” The term also includes actions other than simply wholesale slaughter, though. According to the UN, among the crimes that can constitute genocide are causing serious harm to members of a specific minority group, deliberately inflicting conditions on the minority aimed at bringing about its destruction in whole or in part, seeking to prevent births among the targeted population, and forcibly transferring minority children to others.

Activists and exiles argue that many of those conditions have already been met — and any single one can technically constitute genocide if it is part of a systematic attempt to destroy a particular group. Meanwhile, experts say that the government is encouraging the problem, actively discriminating against whites, and in many cases even facilitating the on-going atrocities.

Of course, this would not be the first time a similar tragedy has happened in Southern Africa. When Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe seized power in Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia, once one of the richest countries on the continent), he began a ruthless war against the white population and his political opponents.

The country promptly spiraled into chaos and mass starvation under the Mugabe regime when the tyrant “redistributed” the farms and wealth to his cronies, who of course knew nothing about farming. The regime murdered tens of thousands of victims, and estimates suggest that millions have died as a direct result of Mugabe’s Marxist policies.

Whites who refused to leave their property during the “redistribution” were often tortured and killed by the regime or its death squads. With Mugabe still in charge, the tragic plight of Zimbabwe continues to worsen today. But the mass-murdering despot is still held in high regard by many senior officials in the ANC.

Not all South Africans — especially city dwellers — are convinced that there is an on-going genocide in their country, or even that one may be coming. Indeed, the vast majority of blacks and whites would simply like to live in peace with each other, and there are plenty of other problems facing South Africa at the same time. However, virtually everyone agrees that without solutions, the precarious situation in the “Rainbow Nation” will continue to deteriorate, going from bad to worse.

Many activists seeking to draw attention to the issue are calling on European governments and the United States to immediately begin accepting especially vulnerable white refugees from South Africa as a high priority. There are less than five million whites in the country, about 10 percent of the population, down from almost a quarter decades ago. Analysts say that giving them asylum, however, may prove tough politically — partly because it could expose the precious establishment myths of Nelson Mandela and his ANC as being “heroic” so-called “freedom fighters.”

Unsurprisingly, the establishment press has barely reported a word about the looming potential calamity. And by the time the world media finally catch on, many analysts worry that it might be too late. – source

Brethren, will you join with our brothers and sisters from all over the world to pray for South Africa?  The date for the gathering of Christians to meet on a farm in South Africa is April 22, 2017.  Right now there are over one million people scheduled to attend. We may not be able to be there physically, but that won’t keep our prayers from reaching the ears of God.

Would you please share this article with as many of the brethren as you can?  Our Father heard the prayers of Christians in America, and He turned the direction we were heading around.  He can do anything because he is God!

Please mark your calendars to fast and pray on April 22 for the people of South Africa.



16 thoughts on “White Genocide In South Africa: A Plea For American Christians To Pray

  1. At last . . . after years of writing to various groups I belong to, the first true calling to attention to our plight in South Africa. The UN rejected an SA envoy of Agri-forum’s statements if you will and rejected their plight of genocide. The hatred we in townships where I live in, is tangible. I myself was robed and harassed by youngsters. Even my own father at age 75 was not spared!!! I already posted on the web to make aware that Europeans need to start opening up their arms for their offspring left behind after the days of colonisations of Africa since the end of the 50’s and throughout the sixties. And not a single white man that I know are ignorant of the looming final onslaught on whites. When we post our fears, we get responses like, you asked for it, or the shoe is on the other foot. You will never make such comments when you see the atrocities (hate crimes) done by so-called farm workers. Where do they get AK 47 RIFLES??? Have YOU seen old people burned with hot ironsdeep fried babies, children drowned in cooking hot bathwater in a tub!!! . . . . no no no no more ignorance from main stream media. Most white South Africans already immigrated (fled) to other countries, but we have nowhere to go unless other countries would adopt us. Thank you Geri for this post that normal people will see and pray. You know me well enough from my subscription of your page. Israel is facing the very same delima than that of the old Republic of South Africa right now and As we prayed for States so we continuously pray for Yisrael. All I ask from my simple platform, please don’t forget us. Shabbat Shalom Maranatha! PS. My heart is heavy with sadness. Shalom dear Geri!

    1. Shabbat Shalom. It upsets me that the media and the U.N. have kept this quiet. I pray that this article will go far and wide, and that Christians everywhere will be praying for the people of South Africa.

  2. The U.N. and the entire left are pure hypocrites and that is why i call the liberal blacks Black Lies Matter for that is where the vast majority of pure violent racism comes from whether it’s the USA or South Africa. Colin Flaugherty of WND has documented this better than anyone i have ever seen and real Black leaders like Allen West and Thomas Sowell have read his book and recommend everyone do so.

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  4. Lord In the name of Jesus, Please cover the people slated for extermination by the cannibal leadership of South Africa. Protect and give them grace to escape and stand in Christ. I pray with the millions to bind the demon principalites Jacob Zuma prays to: the Mogulu Bumba which bring death to the land and its inhabitants. May the power of Christ bind these demons powers along with hate, murder, cannibalism, bestiality and communism. Bring a new revival back to South Africa with repentance.

    1. It was a awesome experience when more than a million Christian souls gathered at one time at one place in South Africa to pray for the salvation and revival of ALL. What a pity iF YOU DID NOT WITNESS THIS GREAT GATHERING. Glory!!

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  6. Our president Mr Ramaphosa says “. . . there is no white farmers being killed en mass neither is there farms or properties taken from white citizens of the Republic of South Africa so reported by him at the last international gathering this year. So our very own president . . . . TAKE NOTE . . . chosen by black monopoly of black votes, . . . . in the face of overpowering evidence of proof. This spelled out to us the status and security white citizens are having in South Africa. The government of South Africa safeguards non other than black citizens. Malema already publicly pointed out that the Indian and coloured communities are as guilty of racism and prejudice and will also be dealt with in the same manner as whites. Anarchy is not far off as from yesterday 28-09-2018 up to now in the Cape Town metro three Metro trains has been set alight. Hey OUR G_D REIGNS! . . . we’re entering a time of great expectations for those knows the time of our Lord is near. Shalom Maranatha!!

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