BANK OF AMERICA Does the UNTHINKABLE to Jan 6 Customers

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According to a whistleblower who provided testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, Bank of America handed over Jan. 6 banking records without informing its customers. Furthermore, the bank did this completely of its own volition; the FBI didn’t even ask it to do this.

And, if you happened to have purchased a gun using a Bank of America credit card, debit card, check, or wire transfer, then you got bumped up to the top of the FBI list when the bank sent it over.


4 thoughts on “BANK OF AMERICA Does the UNTHINKABLE to Jan 6 Customers

  1. Dale Vernon

    My wife finally pulled all her accounts (she’s guardian of her parents & brothers $ etc) out of Bof A & put them into Key. Key is up to their neck in ESG but I dont think they co-operate like BofA with the FBI yet. It’s like BofA is another arm of the FBI or the deep state. Prob sooner than later it will be a moot pt as all will be centrally controlled digital non-cash, totally trackable but we don’t need to help the rascals in the meantime.

  2. Barbara Mowrey

    Of course they’re traitors just like Ford motor company. Hitler had pictures of his buddies on his wall including Henry Ford. Unbelievable.

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