“TRANS RIGHTS OR ELSE” – Trans Advocate Posts Selfie Wearing Sweatshirt With Guns and a Shocking Threat

So this is how it’s going to be? A new war – and guess what – Our public schools are recruiting the ‘trans’ Army!

From thegatewaypundit.com

Following the horrific murder of innocent Christian children and staff in Nashville, TN on Monday Morning many have taken to social media to rebuke the evil and support the families. Tragically a transgender individual took the lives of six innocent people, three children and three adults. Police have reported that the shooter had a manifesto and plan to intentionally attack the Christian private school she once attended.

Unfortunately, some people do not seem to share in our sorrow. Twitter user and apparent radical transgender advocate @LumpofNicoal has opted to instead defend a prior post showing him wearing a shirt that says “trans rights or else” with assorted firearms, a clear message.

The tweet remains pinned to the top of the user’s account so it is intentionally the first thing users see when visiting the page. Typically this is done to highlight a post the user is proud of.  Understandably, many have taken issue with the post remaining up – but this user defends it.

Several other posts have also gone viral including this one highlighting a plan for an upcoming “transgender day of vengeance.”


Trans activists also posted videos directly calling for violence in the wake of Tennesee’s recent laws restricting the genital mutilation of minors. 

And users claim that Tennesee “got what it deserved today.”

This is absolutely indefensible behavior in the wake of such a devastating and targeted loss of life.

May God heal our broken land. Source

Brethren – I believe that these people may be demon possessed. Unfortunately, I believe that it’s only going to get worse. Did you notice the trans guy above inciting other trans to violence? And it was posted on TikTok and this is a prime example of why TikTok needs to be banned!





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