Journalist Makes Scary Discovery After Following Creek from East Palestine to Ohio River

Please pray for the people of East Palestine!


A reporter discovered three deer that were deceased along the bank of a creek that runs south from East Palestine, Ohio, and into the Ohio River on Monday.

Ben Bergquam with Real America’s Voice News announced the chilling discovery through a mobile phone video that was shared on Twitter.

It has been more than three weeks after a Norfolk Southern Southern train derailed in the community and spilled toxic chemicals throughout the area. Since the beginning of the ongoing ecological disaster, images of dead fish have been shared online.

Similar cases of affected wildlife have also been documented, as it is estimated 43,000 animals are dead.

In something Begquam could not explain, he found three deer lifeless within yards of Little Beaver Creek and within yards of each other.

As he noted, the animals showed no signs of any physical trauma and had more or less been left alone by other wildlife.

The video appears to have been taken roughly 15 miles downstream from East Palestine, and just north of where Little Beaver Creek feeds into the Ohio River in Midland, Pennsylvania.

Bergquam noted he did not find any evidence of chemicals in the water, but anecdotally, what he did discover is jarring.

“What is scary, and I can’t say for sure if this is connected or if it’s just a coincidence, but it’s a very odd coincidence,” he said.

Begrquam continued, “Three dead deer within 50 years of each other.”

The reporter noted none of the eyes to other soft tissue on the animals had been touched by scavengers. Of course, it is unclear how long the deer had been there.

He did ask the right question: “Why am I the only one here?”

Bergquam concluded he did not want to speculate as to whether the deer he encountered were poisoned by chemicals that are pouring into the Ohio River — which winds its way through the population centers including the city of Cincinnati hundreds of miles downstream.

Government officials have stated no chemicals related to the derailment have been found in the Ohio River at levels that should concern anyone.

Water officials in Cincinnati did announce last week they would stop taking in water from the river and use reserves out of “an abundance of caution.”

There is, as of right now, no way of knowing if the animals Bergquam discovered died due to anything related to the train derailment, or if people should be worried.

But the fact there is so little trust in the government’s response to the environmental nightmare in East Palestine is concerning, even if it is not at all surprising.

President Joe Biden and his administration are quite adept at creating new crises and mismanaging existing ones.

With that being noted, people living and working in the area have every reason to be on high alert and to view anything they are being told with suspicion. The country does not have a government it can rely on to adequately handle complicated situations or to be honest with us about them.

It is also tragic we no longer have a national media we can trust to search for answers on our behalf.

If we did, the banks of Little Beaver Creek would be crawling with reporters right now. Source



6 thoughts on “Journalist Makes Scary Discovery After Following Creek from East Palestine to Ohio River

  1. lbb

    Check out Brighteon TV for Mike Adams and the Resistance Chicks interview on the repercussions of this train derailment. Mike, a scientist, is working on equipment for testing cells of animals affected by this tragedy. He also provides insight into how dangerous the setting of this “controlled” burn was. He advises taking chlorophyll for mitigating the affects.

  2. robinlinaz

    The Netflix movie White Noise and the reclassification of the poison dioxin by our governing agencies, along with a mysterious “voluntary” human health tracking system that was implemented in the New Palestine area of Ohio, ALL in the weeks and months before the train derailment, tells us everything we need to know as to why our “country does not have a government it can rely on to adequately handle complicated situations or to be honest with us about them.” When the government IS the criminal, it’s ludicrous to expect it to behave responsibly.

    We have been turned over to the control of demonic spiritual forces as part of the implementation of God’s sovereign judgment.

    What will it take for our churches to discuss the unfolding end times events and sound the alarm?! (That is a rhetorical question.) Apparently the Rapture of the Church is the ONLY event that will ultimately open their eyes and mouths.

    Daniel 12:9-10 is continually at work. Those of us who are “wise” are grieved in our spirits, much like Lot, right before Sodom was destroyed.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  3. julieg777

    Now they are shipping contaminants to Indiana and Texas. I live in Indiana. They are shipping it to a county two counties away from me. Also, there apparently was another train derailment in Florida today. Something stinks to high heaven!

  4. So our news cabal is so bad I must subscribe to Netflix & watch a movie to get the low down?
    C’mon pastors get ur head out of the sand. Teach end times & prep the people for the coming Tribulation. We’re in the “tuneup’ stage right now. Prob 80% of your congregation is unsaved. Don ‘cha have a problem with that? At judgement time God will get in your face about it if He hasn’t already taken you to the woodshed over it. “READ ALL ABOUT IT” as it’s in the Bible. There is much common sense info out to help you in your study + prayer. Seek the Lord to sort it out & give you insight. You have no excuses to keep avoiding it.

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