Poll: Only 43% of Pastors Hold Biblical Worldview on Salvation

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A new study has shown that just 43% of pastors hold a Biblical worldview on sin, salvation, and a person’s relationship with God, the Christian Post reports. A Biblical worldview is the belief that Jesus Christ is the only hope for salvation and eternal life, that the Lord calls for men and women to repent of their sins and turn to Him.

Published on Thursday, the nationwide study was carried out by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and polled around 1000 pastors.

The study found that more than six out of ten pastors (62%) do not hold to a New Testament view on salvation, but rather ascribe to a hybrid worldview known as Syncretism, CP reports.

Syncretism is the combining of different beliefs, the merging of several ways of thinking.
The study also showed that only 13% of teaching pastors and 12% of children’s and youth pastors have a biblical worldview, CP reports. Only 4% of executive pastors were found to hold a Biblical worldview.

“God is in the transformation business,” George Barna, director of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University told CP.

“Pastors who are willing to allow Him to transform their thinking and behavior can emerge from that process as a powerful example of what can happen when one’s heart, mind, and soul are surrendered to God. It certainly seems that if America is going to experience a spiritual revival, that awakening is needed just as desperately in our pulpits as in the pews.” Source

Does this surprise you? It doesn’t me. I would say it is disappointing but not surprising. Satan and his minions spend a good portion of them time in churches.

A little story: Years ago, Tim and I began to visit a Baptist church quite close to our home. The first morning as we walked from the parking lot toward the entrance, I heard the Lord (not audibly but clearly in my spirit) say to me: “There are strongholds here and I want you to pray against them.” I immediately told Tim what I had heard.

Long story short, the church had been “run” by the same family for many decades. Most of them were merely ‘playing church’ and had no clue as to how a person becomes saved.

They populated the most important committees like the pastoral search committee. Needless to say, most of them were unsaved and you can imagine the candidates who were chosen to be interviewed. It was a complete fiasco.

Tim and I prayed fervently for this 100 year old church and God began to move. The Lord broke up many of the committees and many of the “Heritage families” (that’s what they called themselves) became angry and left. There was anti-Semitism in that place like we had never encountered.

Tim and I eventually chose to leave. There was so much anger and hostility, we could no longer stand to be there. But we have continued to pray for them. The last pastor they brought in was a teacher of Replacement theology.

If you have never read books by Frank Peretti, I recommend these books to get a clearer picture of the demonic activity which takes place in our churches:

“This Present Darkness” “Piercing the Darkness” and “Prophet.” by Frank Peretti.



4 thoughts on “Poll: Only 43% of Pastors Hold Biblical Worldview on Salvation

  1. julieg777

    I just left a church like that. I had been going since 1999. When the last pastor retired, they started getting liberal pastors and certain family members running the church. My husband recently got saved and he convinced me to leave. We are attending a small church with a different denomination in our small town, and the pastor there is on fire for Jesus! I love it! The Holy Spirit is present in every service and my husband is learning so much! It is truly sad that 62% of pastors do not hold Biblical views anymore. We are truly living in the last days!

  2. How sad and these “pastors” are being held more accountable than the rest of us. The Lord sent me to a small church to “help the pastor” and through ministering to him he finally admitted, “I’ve just been playing at being a pastor.” He didn’t like to read so wouldn’t even read the Bible very often. Praise God it was a big wake-up call for him.

  3. Mark V

    I agree that it is definitely needed in the pulpits and also in the so called Christian school administrators. The college in Asbury teaches CRT and theistic evolution contrary to God’s innerent word. Pray that their eyes may be opened and for courage to stand on God’s truth found in His word.

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