Church of England Considers Referencing God in Gender-Neutral Terms

In other words, making null and void the TRUE WORD of GOD


The Church of England has confirmed it is examining the possibility of changing its liturgy to reference God in gender-neutral terms instead of as “Father,” “Him,” and “He,” the New York Post (NYP) reports. However, the denomination has said there are no plans to make changes to the current liturgy at present, and any future change would require “extensive legislation.”

Confirming that the Church of England’s Liturgical Commission has launched a special project to consider the possibility of changing the way God is referenced, a spokesman for the denomination told the Sunday Times that such a debate is not new.

“Christians have recognized since ancient times that God is neither male nor female, yet the variety of ways of addressing and describing God found in scripture has not always been reflected in our worship,” the spokesman said.

In any event, the CofE spokesman added: “There are absolutely no plans to abolish or substantially revise currently authorized liturgies, and no such changes could be made without extensive legislation.”

The prospect of referring to God in gender-neutral terms has been met with strong opposition. In a statement to the Sunday Times, Rev. Ian Paul of the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England said the denomination would depart from the Scriptures if it took this step.

“If the Liturgical Commission seeks to change this, then in an important way, they will be moving the doctrine of the church away from being grounded in the Scriptures,” the reverend said.

“The fact that God is called ‘Father’ can’t be substituted by ‘Mother’ without changing meaning, nor can it be gender-neutralized to ‘Parent’ without loss of meaning,” Rev. Paul added. SOURCE



3 thoughts on “Church of England Considers Referencing God in Gender-Neutral Terms

  1. Mark V

    “First ‘gender-queer’ priest in apostate Church of England expresses desire for ‘normalizing’ identity among children.” They have no regard for God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit.

  2. Apparently some in charge still know the difference between a man & a women (I wish our recently confirmed SCOTUS judge could say the same). However the C of England thinks it’s ok to “legislate” God’s Holy Word. I remember the Jesus Seminar way back when a panel of bogus Bible experts voted (legislated) on which Bible verses were actually said by Christ. After the votes were tallied the Bible & the Lord lost…big time. This reminds me of that event.

    News flash to the high- minded dummies running the apostate C of E. You mustn’t think you have the self-appointed mission of changing the Word of God into culture reflecting gobbledygook. Haven’t you that are heavily, robed with fancy vestments decorated with expensive fabrics, headgear & scarfs, self-anointed Bible “experts” & holy men read the Scriptures? God told you so called teachers & preachers who now dare to thumb their noses at what the Almighty unchanging God has already said to humanity 4,000 years ago & has NEVER changed His mind that you will be judged for twisting God’s Word & judged for your flock embracing those Satanic & any other false teachings coming from you.

    There are many warnings in Scripture about the consequences. Too many for me to list here & u can’t miss them if you actually study the Bible. That’s what shepherds of God’s flock are supposed to do..STUDY GOD’S WORD so you can ACCURATELY preach & teach it & also stand against those within your parish who wish to teach the doctrines of demons.

    Don’t be doubleminded in that you know you are twisting God’s Word when you preach, teach or liberalize long held Godly affirmations. Instead, you keep doing it because you fear some big giver or ecclesiastical big wig may be offended.

    It seems odd to me “men of the cloth” such as you pretenders for Christ don’t appear to know much about the most basic of God’s commands.
    Deut 4:2 sums up my msg to you: “You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it…” No legislation permitted! Preach & teach the Word of God AS IT IS ALREADY WRITTEN! Avail yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit (remember Him)?

    Keep thumbing your nose at God & His authority and He will take you to His Holy woodshed. BTW quit calling yourselves “Christian”. The Holy Spirit is not in charge of your church anymore. You think you are but you are gravely mistaken. As is said in our country, “shape up or ship out”. Your salt is losing its saltiness & needs throwing out.

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