Liverpool Soccer Star Under Fire From Muslim Fans for Daring to Post Christmas Message on Social Media


So much for allowing for the harmonious well wishes on Christmas.  If you are Muslim, you aren’t allowed to acknowledge Christmas!

Mohamed Salah, a Muslim Liverpool soccer star, is under attack by Muslim fans after he had the audacity to post a picture on social media with his family in front of a Christmas tree.

Honoring and respecting the Christian holiday was just too much for some Muslim fans.


Translation: We thought you were a role model and the best ambassador for your religion to influence others. We did not expect you to be affected and to share with them (cursing and cursing God), Salah.. Don’t be like someone who sells his religion with a little offer from God. Congratulate them for fame or your satisfaction or money! “Whoever pleases people with God’s wrath, God will be angry with him and people will be angry with him.”

Translation: Hello Salah, this prostration is repeated every year, and our responses will be repeated, not in order for you to stop, for we have learned your worth, but to respond so that the world and those who read our words in the future know that Islam does not command humiliation and submissiveness as you do, nor does it dilute religion and strip away values in order to please anyone. And make sure that honor by holding on to this religion and its equal is humiliating..

Religion of peace and tolerance? Don’t believe it for one minute!


5 thoughts on “Liverpool Soccer Star Under Fire From Muslim Fans for Daring to Post Christmas Message on Social Media

  1. Laura Floyd

    Geri, I watched some of the games. Qatar banned all kosher food at the venue. And they banned the Israeli flag too. One team won a game, and they got on their knees and thanked God for it. The caption said that they would kill the whole team for doing this! They didn’t do it, thank God! Their opening ceremony had muslims swinging swords as part of the opening! Very creepy!

  2. “Everyone should familiarize themselves with the book “The Truth About Islam”.

    “Islam, which began fourteen hundred years ago in Arabia, claims to be the one true religion, given to mankind by the one true God, Allah, and his lone messenger, Muhammad. It has since grown to almost 1.5 billion followers today and is quickly growing. Islam claims to be a peaceful religion, but is often known to be violent and threatens the freedom of the entire world. What are the teachings of Islam and how does it compare to the Bible?

    Th e Truth About Islam examines the Quran (Koran), the God of Islam, its pagan origin, the Jesus of Islam, its salvation plan, Sharia law and slavery, and its violent ideology of Jihad against all infi dels (non-Muslims), in light of the Bible and world history.

    This concise and easy to read book will not only teach you what Islam basically believes, but also equip you to confidently reach out to Muslims with the gospel of Christ and refute many of Islams errors. It also clearly presents the gospel of grace to any Muslim who is searching for the truth and desires to know how to have assurance of eternal life.” And we see this by their fruits do we not sheeples?

  3. So much obvious peace loving positive potential for those “evangelicals’ embracing “Chrislam”. Anyone for “kumbyya?”
    I am astounded at the stupidity of those “pastors” ignoring the plain truth displayed as to the Muslim real attitude towards our Jesus. These “pastors” might have all kinds of education sheepkins papering their study walls but I call them essentially stupid. God have mercy on those in their flock. Witness to Muslims, yes but don’t compromise our faith.

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