5 thoughts on “Elon Musk Believes Something Terrible Will Happen to Most People

  1. robinlinaz

    Interesting that Musk understands, but he doesn’t “understand”. He is charging forward with Neuralink and Neuralace, and is onboard with much of the globalist’s agenda. I imagine he causes them consternation since he seems difficult to ‘manage’.

    It seems as if he had a short time of clarity over Ai, but has charged past it, into a very scary place.

    There is something very likable about Elon Musk, he is smart and relatable. And lately he has become a warrior for free speech. BUT, he wore a Halloween costume in Oct 2022 that is called the Devil’s Champion, with the head of Baphomet on the front and an upside down cross. He wears a photos of himself in that costume as his official Twitter profile photo. The man is not stupid, he knows what it means. And he has joked that he will probably go to Hell, knowing that’s where most everyone will end up.

    He had quite a bizarre upbringing, a bad father, and filled with stories of occult and satanic interactions. He too is the father of many children that we know of, with multiple women, and he chose the musician Grimes, a self-proclaimed witch, to be the mother of two of his children. (I have a friend who knows Musk’s first wife very well and she despises him, says he is a horrible person (but that is second hand information).

    I don’t think Musk is the AC, he comes from the wrong background (the people of the Old Roman Empire) to meet the biblical description…but I expect the AC to be much like Musk initially; smart, likable, a HUGE thinker and a big problem solver.

    I pray for him, possibly he might even be saved in the future, with a circuitous salvation story like King Nebuchadnezzar. We can count on many surprises over those we see in Heaven, and those we don’t. Only the Lord knows.

    1. I’m going to put this up as an article, sis. Also I will ask for the readers to pray for Elon Musk’s Salvation at the end. By the way, Dale is fine but is having terrible computer issues. He uses a PC with Windows 10 and had to get a new part for his PC. I pray that someone (perhaps someone reading this) might reach out to Dale with help.

      1. robinlinaz

        Hi yes, that’s fine. If you’d like to fix the typos that’s also fine, LOL.

        Great news that Dale is ok. Hopefully someone can help him with his tech issues!

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