Extinction activist wants humans to voluntarily die out: ‘Feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em’

This takes “Reset” to a whole knew level

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Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder said the biosphere will ‘have a chance to recover’ if humanity stops procreating

An advocate of human extinction Tuesday called on everyone to voluntarily stop having children for humanity to die out and give the biosphere a “chance to recover.” 

Tuesday’s Dr. Phil episode focused on the ethics of procreation and the debate over overpopulation where Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder Les Knight delivered a variety of shocking statements.

“You’re involved with an extinction movement who basically say we just need to live long and die out, we just need to ‘feed, not breed,’ is that what you say?” Dr Phil asked Knight.

“’Feed ‘em don’t breed ‘em,’ yes, that’s right, we’re not taking care of the people who are already here,” Knight responded.

Knight went on to illustrate his proposition, “My plan is for everyone to think before they procreate, and if people really think about it, think it all the way through, and have the wherewithal not to procreate – which is a really big problem all over the planet – and if people think about it as you mentioned, 44% of young people are saying ‘no I don’t think I wanna do that,’ just because they’ve thought about it.”

He then laid out his ideology’s optimal conclusion, “And if we all stopped procreating we’ll go extinct, slowly, we’ll clean up our messes as we go, and the biosphere – what’s left of it, will have a chance to recover.”

He later suggested that “reproductive freedom” is “the most important thing we need today,” claiming that “hundreds of millions of couples are denied their right to not procreate.”

The debate over pregnancy and birth control has been a consistent issue in American politics. (iStock)

Knight elaborated that many do not have the “contraceptive services – reproductive health services that they need. Those are not provided, and maybe people should supply their own, but they can’t afford it because they’re having more offspring that they can’t feed.”

He gave one example of the difficulties people face trying to avoid procreation: “Try to get a sterilization here in America when you haven’t had kids and you’re only 22.” He later added, “We’re not allowing people to not breed.”

When a panelist who was an expert on fertility suggested that copper IUD’s are widely used for contraception, another guest suggested many cannot be trusted to be that responsible. 

Content creator Anton Daniels said these irresponsible people end up having to be taken care of “whether it be the prisons that we built for them, or the social services that we have to create for them, and they do not become more educated and do things differently. They breed more, that’s what happens.”

(Policy over incarceration has also become a major talking point in political debates, as crime spikes across the country.)

Knight, despite advocating the extinction of the human race,  last week received an adoring profile in The New York Times, even being compared to the late “Mr. Rogers” of television fame. 

“Tall and gentle, Mr. Knight comes across as clear-eyed and thoughtful, like a mash-up of Bill Nye and Fred Rogers. While Mr. Knight may be against the creation of more humans, he shows great compassion for the ones that already exist,” the profile read. SOURCE

I see Satan all over this insane plan to cull humanity. He knows that when the masses die off, then most of them probably did not make a decision to trust the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation. The evil one just wants to take as many people as he can to the Lake of Fire.

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  1. RLinAZ

    When they don’t know God, people come up with their own ideas of what is right in their own eyes. Reprobate minds are the real threat to humans. Jesus is going to set them straight, soon.

  2. I think this “Dr” Knight should get the ball rolling & voluntarily extinct himself without delay so as to set a proper example of his dingbat solution. Is “Dr” Kevorkian in the house? I’m beginning to realize there are more mental ding dongs in govt & on public media & forums than in the asylums.

  3. julieg777

    The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply. I am so tired of these people trying to play God. God will have the final say!

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