10 thoughts on “mRNA Vaccines In Your Food? Globalists Look To Vaccinate Livestock? The New American

  1. We are definitely in a spiritual war . It comes from the darkness , but it’s showing in the light . The Spirit of God will prevail. We have to have the Armor of God in Jesus name.

  2. robinlinaz

    I used to think we’d be raptured before all of this dangerous insanity became widespread, but now I’m not so sure. God knows we, His children, are already safe in eternity with Jesus. They can only kill the body, and not our souls; therefore we have nothing to fear. However, all of the lost souls, who have not come to saving faith in the Lord, are another story.

    His patience is nearly infinite. His thoughts surely are not our thoughts (so grateful for that). We may indeed see and experience more than we’d like to while God is enacting His divine plan.

    A worthy bride would never impatiently knock on the door of her Groom and beg Him to get on with the marriage! So we wait, patiently, and in trust, knowing all things here will be forgotten in eternity, in the eternal kingdom.


  3. They gonna mask up the beef too?

    BTW Happy Thanksgiving to all in the name of Jesus. Eat the turkey b4 the masters of the universe inject all those birds with the RNA or worse.

  4. julieg777

    I personally pray and ask God to bless and purify all food or beverages or water before I consume it. You never know what they are putting in our food, but He can purify it!

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