Leaders of New Zealand Have Gone ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

From Redacted

New Zealand has rolled out a handbook for citizens to report their neighbors for extremism. And how do you know someone is extreme? If they question Covid lockdowns, apparently.

New Zealand wants to weaponize citizens against one another for speech because Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern thinks words should be regulated like weapons.


3 thoughts on “Leaders of New Zealand Have Gone ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

  1. robinlinaz

    Turn in your neighbors, just as the Bible has foretold.

    And destroy our children, as this article proves. I can imagine how many kids will be brainwashed into believing their own godly parents are the enemy. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/leaked-state-dept-memo-reveals-us-govt-used-taxpayer-money-create-online-game-inoculate-youth-disinformation/
    If they can’t create a Ministry of Truth (yet) they have launched another form of attack.

    I must remembers, it only appears we are losing the battle, when in fact, the truth is that Jesus won the war, for all time, at the cross. Hallelujah, praise His Holy name!

    Eyes up, prayers and sharing the gospel to the lost. I am rejoicing that this may very well be the last earthly Thanksgiving we celebrate.


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