4 thoughts on “ELON MUSK Reinstates Satirical Site Babylon Bee’s Twitter Account

  1. Barbara Mowrey

    Whatever Elon musk does, doesn’t matter because free-speech is gone on these sites. There is no reason in the world to be there. Get out now …all they do is send you to your room and make you feel like crap. I quit over two years ago, and I won’t go back. President Trump will not go back as well. He doesn’t need to be sanctioned again for free-speech., Nor do we!

    1. It’s a decision everyone can make for themselves. As for me, I’ll stay on Twitter. Before Musk took over, my articles were suppressed ( only were visible to under 20 people.) Now the articles are visible to hundreds and are being shared. The one article which is my favorite to share over and over is “How Can I Be Saved?”

  2. Carol

    I think it’s great how Elon Musk is fighting for 1st amendment rights and with his notoriety it keeps this important issue in the limelight. I also think it’s fantastic how you are making the most of this opportunity to share the gospel, may God be pleased to bless your efforts and bring glory to His name 🙌. you go girl!!

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