Emails from an Orthodox Jew Condemning Me: A Foreshadowing of What is to Come

Yesterday I received emails from a practicing, Orthodox Jew. He was told that I am a supporter of Israel (which I am) but he obviously was not told that I am a Messianic Jew – a Jewish Born-again believer in Yeshua.

I will not divulge the name of the man who wrote to me, but I will copy and paste his words so that the reader can grasp his motivation for writing to me.

Initially, his anger was all about the Christian pastors who are writing that Israel will be fooled by an “Antichrist” who they will embrace as Messiah. I could feel his ire mounting as the emails progressed.

I am not sure if all Christians understand the Jewish perception of their “Messiah” but it is taught that the Jewish Messiah will NOT be deity. He will be a man who is sent by God but is NOT God. He will be a prophet.

So, with that I will post the emails:

Shalom Geri:  I  understand you are a supporter of Israel. I am quite distressed, saddened by the recent and continuing ugly slander and accusations of Christian podcasters regarding a so called “new messiah” that Jews in Israel “have anointed”. I will forward a more complete response to this unfortunate slander which I have just sent to Pastor Larry Huch. 

Jewish Man’s email to Pastor Larry Huch:

Shalom: Pastor Huch:  Many Christian podcasters  at this moment are NOT a blessing to Israel, but they are clearly aligning themselves with Israel”s ENEMIES. They are doing this through their slanderous, mean spirited, and yes even anti-semetic podcasts. They are still snarling with hateful apologetics that Jews rejected their Messiah, namely Jesus, and are now “anointing” a new “messiah”. The “new messiah” which these Christians are anointing on their own, hypnotized and hallucinating on their own absurd accusations. The man who they are slandering, calling false prophet, anti-christ, or just “evil” is a mild mannered, kindly young rabbi whose name is Rav Shlomo Yehuda Be’eri. No Jew, no human being can anoint  “Messiah” without the clear Revelation of Hashem (the L-rd). Furthermore that Revelation must include the return of Elijah, the prophet who would anoint such a man, i.e with apparent accompanying Revelations.

I plead with you. Please stand with Israel, the Jewish people, and speak out against these vicious, unwarranted, and false claims. Also, please call on these podcasters to stop this vicious and false testimony against the Jewish people. “Thou shalt not bear False Witness———-” one of the Ten Commandments.  

Back to the Email:

I am a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) as He is the Messiah of the whole world. I grew up in a Jewish home and in 1983 I became convinced by reading the bible that Yeshua is the long awaited Messiah. I love my people and Israel

Jewish man:


Do you believe it is g-dly or even correct to accuse or even allege Jews of anointing a man Messiah that never has even occurred? Why do Christians have such little as well as completely faulty understanding of what Jews believe? I notice they just contrive and make things up out of the thin air. For example, Christians believe Jesus is hashem (G-d). Jews do not believe any man (Messiah) can be Divinity, but only a human prophet, i.e like Moses. Yet Christians say ad nauseum that Jews will worship the anti-christ as g-d. In other words they transfer their own beliefs regarding Jesus to Jews who will never believe in a “human g-d”, i.e a pagan notion pre-dating Christianity.

If you are interested, I know a former gentile Christian woman who was actually a missionary to Jews, but then converted to Torah Judaism and is now living in Israel. This woman also loves Jews and that is the reason she scrupulously studied what orthodox Judaism actually taught—then she decided to reject the notion of a “human g-d” and convert to Torah Judaism. 

My response: 

I would suggest that you read the New Testament. I do know what Jews believe – I am still a Jew, but a believer in Yeshua. I would rather die than to give up my belief in Yeshua Hamashiach. He alone is Messiah – He alone is G-d.  Did you know that the Hebrew word ‘Elohim’ is plural? G-d the Father G-d the Son and G-d the Holy Spirit = ONE G-D = ELOHIM.  

Read Isaiah 53!


Jewish man:

Geri—I do not want to discuss apologetics with you. You can always consult Rabbi Tovia Singer who knows the NT better than you. I will only make a few statements. The pagan idea that a g-d is borne of a woman, i.e virgin birth, pre-dates Christianity by countless Centuries. Yet Hashem warns us not to emulate or copy pagan ideas, practices and beliefs throughout the Torah and very specifically in Jeremiah. So you can believe in any monstrous pagan g-d you care to, but you are committing IDOLATRY! Why would you want to blaspheme and be an Idolatrous. Do you have children? I am certain as a Jewess you really know that a being coming out of a womans body can not be Hashem. That entire notion is disgusting—I want to VOMIT! Do you read and understand Hebrew???? Do you understand the grammatical structures of Hebrew? The finite pagan g-d you worship, jesus, is not a plural, it is a yachid!!!! The plural form for Elohim indicates the Infinite, i.e WITHOUT LIMITS! It does not indicate some Pagan monstrosity that can be divided like a pie into three parts. 

Furthermore, you reject the entire notion of the Torah that Hashem has preserved the Jews, and not those Jews who have become Christians. Hashem has only preserved the Jews who have preserved the Torah—exactly what Hashem said he would do through HIS prophets! The Nazarenes of two thousand years ago all assimilated and disappeared—just as many other false groups did such as the Essenes, and those other groups that rejected Torah. Jews are small in number but the critical TRUTH is that Jews have survived just as Hashem promised. Your descendants will not survive as Jews! You have dishonored Hashem, and violated His Covenant!   Isaiah 53–“he (the servant)  shall see his seed, “zerah” can only mean physical offspring. Did your pagan “man-g-d” have any children?????

SIDE NOTE****** Many years ago, a writer from the Jerusalem Post befriended me. She tried to get me to speak with Rabbi Tovia Singer. I looked him up and saw that his ministry was all about getting people like me (Messianic believers) to return to Judaism (THE LAW). I also read that he was known as being ruthless in his treatment of Jewish believers in Christ. I respectfully declined the invitation. It is interesting to me that the writer of the emails mentioned Tovia Singer!

My response:

I do not wish to speak with Tovia Singer. What I wish is that many of my people will have their eyes opened before the time of Tribulation.

Jewish man:

Dream on—your theology is that of a 4 year old child in a fantasy world!  My advice to you is to accept the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, none-other. Your g-d that emerges from a woman’s body, your v-g-d will give you NO Salvation! 


Brethren, at this point I realized that my words to this man were in vain. I could not convince him of the TRUTH. Tim and I have been praying for him. I am asking the readers to please pray for him with us.

I want the readers to see the rage of Orthodox Jews towards Jews who have believed in Yeshua. I am so grateful to God that He opened my eyes and my heart to Yeshua so many years ago.

Here is my Testimony:

From Jew to Completed Jew and the Amazing Miracle From God: He Wanted to Assure Me That Jesus is Lord

Shalom B’Yeshua

How Can I Be Saved?


6 thoughts on “Emails from an Orthodox Jew Condemning Me: A Foreshadowing of What is to Come

  1. robinlinaz

    Praise the Lord that your eyes were opened to the TRUTH of Jesus as Messiah, it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. He promises He reveals Himself to those who earnestly seek Him with all their hearts.

    I’m sure the Apostle Paul (Saul) was equally as vociferous in his hostility toward the Lord before he was saved on the Road to Damascus. By this man’s letter, it’s easy to see how millions of Jews have been blinded to the salvation our Lord offers, which God first offered to the Jews.

    The Church age is coming to a close, when we disappear, the time of Jacob’s Trouble will force Israel to open her eyes, at long last. And their grief will be profound, they will mourn their rejection of Jesus as one mourns an only son.
    And THEN Jesus will return to establish His Kingdom on earth for 1000 years. Hallelujah!


  2. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    When I lived in West L.A. I participated in many demonstrations against abortion and homosexual “rights.” At many of those demonstrations I witnessed the hatred & even violence that the orthodox Jews have toward Truth. It’s very sad. Yes, prayers for them. I really don’t know how to pray for them other than to say, “YOUR WILL be done.”

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