ROMAN CATHOLICISM: The VATICAN – Roman Empire= Mystery Babylon

For many years I have been writing about Catholicism and exposing this FALSE Religion. I am not against the Catholic people. I am against this wicked institution which is NOT Christianity.

At its core, Catholicism is about control, and through the ages the foundational truths of the Word of God have been hidden from Catholic people. This is clearly Satanic.

The Jesuits were formed to bring back those who left the Roman Catholic Church and bring them back by force!

Pope Francis – the first Jesuit Pope

Here are some eye-opening articles about this satanic pope:

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Recently, this pope has been bringing those in the forefront of the Pro-Abortion movement into the Vatican. People who spearhead every Leftist, Globalist and Wicked movement are welcomed by Francis with open arms. Yet most of the so-called “Faithful” STAY like zombified creatures. I believe that this is a Satanic Spell.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, if you have friends and family in the Catholic Church – please pray about sending them this article. Time is short and the majority of Catholics are NOT Saved!



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