Dems Panic In New York: They’re Already Blaming One Of Their Own For Likely Midterm Losses


Democrats are in trouble in deep blue New York.

According to a report, Dem strategists are bracing for stunning losses at the midterms — which includes losing the race for Governor.

Democratic officials and strategists in New York tell CNN they are bracing for what could be stunning losses in the governor’s race and in contests for as many as four US House seats largely in the suburbs.

With crime dominating the headlines and the airwaves, multiple Democrats watching these races closely are pointing to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, accusing him of overhyping the issue and playing into right-wing narratives in ways that may have helped set the party up for disaster on Tuesday.

“He was an essential validator in the city to make their attacks seem more legit and less partisan,” said one Democratic operative working on campaigns in New York, who asked not to be named so as not to compromise current clients.

Breitbart Reported:

New York City Democrat councilman Justin Brannan told CNN, “We can’t dismiss people’s concerns” about crime.

Retiring Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) spoke with CNN about how rising crime has New York voters concerned about their state, telling the outlet, “People want to feel safe first before they go to a club.”

Their internal polls must be very bad!  Source

Yes, thinking back to the NYC Covid debacle, and the steadily rising crime rate -would make any Dem want to run for the hills!


3 thoughts on “Dems Panic In New York: They’re Already Blaming One Of Their Own For Likely Midterm Losses

  1. robinlinaz

    Blaming one another for speaking the truth instead of accepting that real people are living with real crime, death, inflation and job losses that have been inflicted upon the nation and the globe over the past 2.5 years. Reprobate minds are everywhere, not just in the highest places.

  2. The age old consensus in NY is you must be a crook to be the governor. True bedrock honesty will never do but nevertheless it could be an interesting contest.

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