1. robinlinaz

    The amount of spraying that has been going on here in my community in the Phoenix area has been really, really bad the last few months. When I mentioned this to my brother and sister in law in Idaho earlier this year, they looked at me like I was crazy. Not crazy.

    I go outside in the morning, and I can see “them” flying overhead and the sky looks like a giant bingo card x 30, there are so many heavy crisscrossed lines in the sky.

    Last Saturday they started at dawn and continued until sunset. It smells like it does when you go into a farm supply store and walk through the pesticide aisles. I can literally taste it in my mouth. They were at it again early this morning; the sky is still all jacked up and it smells like a pesticide can outdoors.

    It’s not a conspiracy theory when it’s a real conspiracy. They are really trying to kill us however they can.

  2. We stayed in our home for Ian and it was a slow 8 mph “storm “. We spent 10 hours in our bathroom sheltering in place.Thankfully, our home received no destruction, though our development had flooded streets and some vehicles. We have the best Governor in the nation and Satan is lashing out at all he is doing for freedom! The people of Florida are resilient and it’s amazing the Godly strength I see on a daily basis, the storm stories I hear daily are horrific and humbling. My heart is broken for my community and the loss that will last for years. I drove through Fort Myers Beach this evening for the first time and the pictures don’t even begin to tell how bad things are here. The mind can’t comprehend what the eyes are seeing. Gigantic shrimp boats piled on top of each other in Jenga like fashion – on land! Boats all over the mangroves, hung like clothes on a line. House after house simply gone without a trace. So many souls sucked out to sea, ripped from the arms of loved ones, never to be seen again. Businesses destroyed. The loss is so far reaching. Please pray for our community that God will continue to be seen by the people who are experiencing such great loss. 💔

    1. Carol

      Praying for you and your community that the God of all comfort will continue to keep you all hopeful and confident in His love and care for you. Amen God has certainly graciously provided Florida the best governor ever! At times Makes me want to move to Florida.

  3. Not only is this suppressing our immune systems but I believe it suppresses our energy levels. There are days I’m completely exhausted for no reason and I have thought many times that it is caused by the chemtrails. Has anyone else connected the spraying to energy suppression in the body? If it gets into our cells, then it makes perfect sense.

    1. robinlinaz

      I’m always exhausted, achy, cloudy thinking. Between Long Covid and chemtrails, Physically, I’m nothing like I was 3 years ago. Praying for the Rapture, they are engaged in an all out attack on us…but if God decides to take me home sooner and there is a line for getting out of here, I’d like to go to the front.

      What happened in Florida is so heartbreaking, but I believe it was ultimately God’s message to us (facilitated by weather manipulation?) for going against Israel just days before it struck.

      Geri, did you see the absolutely horrific, and demonic parody skit that Jimmy Kimmel did on his show for Halloween about Snuggle fabric softener?! It made me weep for what is happening in the world, and that the audience laughed and thought it was entertaining was even more grievous.

      Surely we are in the last days, and under attack from every direction. We cry out “Please Lord Jesus, come quickly” and above all, “Your will be done.”


  4. Well Geri there always is Wa state. The west side of the cascades is very liberal. The east side is conservative generally. Spokane is going liberal as are many college towns. Its like Wa is 2 different states. Likewise on the climate. Wet rainy vs dry desert like. Mild vs 4 seasons. Homes cheaper on the east side. Taxes & living exp, traffic tend to be less on the east side too. I’m a west sider & am a lifer. If I was moving (I’m stuck here long story) I would like the east side better. Would love to have u guys as neighbors but nowadays I can’t move anywhere except to heaven. No income tax YET but plenty of obnoxious taxes, fees. Wside prop tax is fairly stiff but prob not as bad as ur area.

    1. robinlinaz

      You couldn’t pay me to watch him either. I saw his skit on thread about the wickedness of the Left and how vile they truly are.

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