“It is a Miracle we are Alive!” From Dr. Carrie Madej after Suspicious Light Plane Crash

From Dr. Madej:

Here is what has been going on before the crash:

She testified on behalf of Dr. Paul Gosselin before Congress regarding the JAB. She had been telling friends and family that she was not going to schedule any speaking events for many months because the Medical board was after her.

From stopworldcontrol.com

Our dear friend and phenomenal world leading freedom fighter doctor Carrie Madej was involved in a plane crash, which almost killed her. After testifying in court for a fellow medical freedom fighter Dr. Paul Gosselin, and attending an event with likeminded people, she took off in a private plane with her partner Billy. Shortly after take off the engine malfunctioned, and they crash landed in a nearby field.

Dr. Madej has several fractures, for which she received surgery today, and Billy has skull, facial and back fractures. Praise God they are both alive, but I am asking all of you for prayers. Especially for Billy, who is injured severely on his head. 

Here is a screenshot of Carries personal message to me, with more details about what happened:

As many know, Dr. Carrie Madej is one of the forefront medical professionals who has been warning humanity about the nefarious trans-humanist agenda behind the imposed vaccines. 

Dr. Madej has attended medical conferences where she heard the proverbial ‘crazy, evil professors’ outline their dark agendas with vaccines. This greatly alarmed her and launched her on a 20 year investigation to uncover these diabolical plans of the criminalized medical establishments. Dr. Madej discovered the agenda to end humanity and replace us with with cyborgs: a new form of human that is part technological, part biological. 

She revealed how the injections start the process of trans-humanism, by altering the human genome, and preparing humanity for the transition to Human 2.0. 

The goal is to create a new breed of humans, that can be easily controlled through all kinds of frequencies, radiations and signals. This agenda is confirmed by a former officer from the British Secret Services, in the Grand Jury Evidence 1

carrie madej

We were the very first ones in the world to interview Dr. Madej, and we made the world renowned documentary BATTLE FOR HUMANITY with her.

Dr. Madej stayed for four days in our filming studio, where we made this film that went viral like crazy. It was translated in dozens of languages, waking up hundreds of millions worldwide.

She made several predictions and gave dire warnings about the injections, most of which have already come true, making this video very accurate and important.

If you haven’t seen the phenomenal documentary BATTLE FOR HUMANITY yet, then please watch it now, and share it wildly please.

Dr. Madej is probably the most interviewed physician on earth, but several people wrote us that our program with her is by far the very best broadcast she ever made.

Please watch and share her very best production ever, in honor of Dr. Carrie Madej.

Does this seem fishy to the readers?

Father we thank you that Dr. Madej and Billy are alive. We know that this is a miracle by Your Hand! Please help the doctors to facilitate rapid healing for both of them, and keep them safe from the ENEMY. We thank you that Dr. Zelenko came through his heart surgery. Please keep him safe.

We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

8 thoughts on ““It is a Miracle we are Alive!” From Dr. Carrie Madej after Suspicious Light Plane Crash

  1. Dale Vernon

    Yeah, crashed “shortly after takeoff” sounds very “fishy”. Given her reputation I would need to see who maintains the plane & take fuel samples as well for openers & check that person or maint outfit’s bank balance for recent big deposits. Personally I don’t care for single engine planes either. Thank the Lord she’s on the mend, must have more work to do for the Lord.

  2. Karen Weis

    What happened to her plane sounds exactly like the reading from the diary from Admiral Byrd in the Anarctic after the Second World War, they have the technology to take over the controls of an airplane, much like self-driving cars..

  3. julieg777

    Prayers for both her and Dr. Zelenko, and also Dr. Simone Gold. They are suffering for standing for truth!

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