4 thoughts on “Taking a week off

  1. ScottT

    A little time considering the moon and the stars that God hath ordained. Morning in the pleasant land of a garden. Live music, but just for enjoying. Refreshment for your soul, maybe John’s first epistle. May the Lord’s grace, love, peace and gentleness comfort and cheer you. -Scott T

    1. Those things sound lovely, Scott, but I am trying to figure out how to continue writing (which I do feel called to do) when my children are watching every word I write and are torturing me over my Biblical world view. I’m sure that this scenario is happening in many Christian homes. I know that I WILL continue this blog because I love Jesus more than my own children – THAT is expected of us by our Lord. Your prayers would be very appreciated.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Sometimes the Lord MAKES us lie down in green pastures to restore our souls. We dont want to turn into Marthas’ but take time to bask in the Lord God’s presence & love knowing it is He who is in charge of all things including our lives which can help aleive our tensions by giving our worries & burdens to the Lord cuz His burden is light. He has all the solutions & works it all out according to His impeccable timing.

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