As the war of words between Israel and Russia heats up, Russian officials welcomed Hamas leaders for a meeting.

According to Tass, an official Russian news service, the deputy head of the Hamas Political Bureau abroad Mousa Abu Marzook and two more representatives of the movement’s leadership, Fathi Hamad and Husam Badran, flew out to Moscow for high level meetings.

Russia is already in partnership with Hezbollah and Iran. Adding Hamas to their proxy list puts Israel in a very precarious position. It’s one thing to go head to head with Iran, but Russia is a whole different level.

This is what makes the Lavrov comments do dangerous. The content is one manner, but where they lead to and bring the region is a whole other matter.

I believe that we may be getting very close to the Ezekiel 38-39 war. We must pray and we must trust that God is in full control, because HE is!

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  1. Jim V.

    What? No way!!!! Wow!!!! We must be going home soon. YAY!!!!! I can’t wait for the rapture. Honestly we need to pray for the Israel and Jews. I am not happy with Israeli government, they are weak and stupid. I want Bibi back. He is/was a good leader. Jewish people needed a strong leader. Bennett is a joke and weak. God is in control.

  2. saintsnotaints

    This says a lot. I think we may need to get out of thinking one side bad so other side good. Both sides are bad in reality.
    Russia is not in love with iran or syria. America grabbed influence over most arab states so russia simply latched onto the 2 states not in usa orbit. Thats pure geopolitics. In geopolitics you grab what is grabbable. That is the present reality and russia as a result entrenched on that side.
    There was many years back an opportunity to align israel & russia and possibly get russia to push syria and iran to end hostility to israel in steps. Would it have worked is unknowable. Putin came to israel with over 100 oil & gas experts to meet netanyahu and experts. Putin wanted russia to be israels under sea gas & oil developers instead of usa & uk. Russia would get its cut instead of the west. Russia could do it cheeper giving israel more profit. And russia & israel would be aligned. Bibi said no.
    On russia-ukraine, nato is the bad guy. Russia was pushed to react.
    But the bible mentions a hook in the jaw. Did nato put a hook in russia pulling it into ukraine? Will then nato & israel itself use that hook to pull russia against israel in time?
    Lavrovs initial comment was not antisemitic and quite truthful. Israel and jews response was way over the top and so lavrov stuck to his guns and now both sides making a huge problem. One of jews problens is defending any bad jew rather than agree that particular jew went bad. Pamela geller who i like says its anti semitic to attack soros ! Soros is a nazi of jewish ancestry. Hes not a jew by Gods word in the bible.
    May as well add this to shock to some. The synagogue of satan started in a church. Read the 7 churches of asia. To be brief, this synogogue of satan existed 1500 years before jewish bank dynastys. The synogogue of satan is not jews or evil bankers nor gates nor schwabs. Evil is evil all on its own. The synogogue of satan is replacement theology. This includes the vatican, black hebrews of america and many white protestants.
    They confuse spiritual israel & physical israel. They make up non existant terms like true israel.
    Salvation is only for spiritual israel. Spiritual israel is composed of 2 groups; gentiles and physical israel in Christ. But prophesy till the end still centers on physical israel. A gentile in Christ is now in spiritual israel but is still not a jew nor physical israel.
    Its sad and funny that those that accuse jews, good or bad of being fake jews or synagogue of satan are they themselves the real synagogue of satan.
    The left likewise accuses others of what they themselves really are.
    Replacement theology that began in a church is the synagogue of satan.
    Yes this will be very hated by these people. Oh well.

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