A MUST SEE VIDEO: This Confirms My Article From Yesterday About the NEW AGE Doctors


Brothers and sisters in Christ – we are in the middle of the most DECEPTION and DELUSION which has ever been on this earth. Jesus tells us all about it in Matthew 24.

I have said this often, but I CANNOT stress it enough: Cling to our Savior and READ His Word every day. Turn OFF the TV!! Set aside a time each day to Pray and Read God’s Word!

We must pray for one another!!


20 thoughts on “A MUST SEE VIDEO: This Confirms My Article From Yesterday About the NEW AGE Doctors

  1. Faith Sisk

    Goodness.is that Stone guy classic New Age guru or what
    ..I’m glad you posted this though it makes me sad.

    Should have known Satan wasn’t leaving us alone.

  2. Janine

    Trump has always been pro vax choice and against mandates. Personally, I think he’s playing a part. He’s simply showing how he is reasonable and they are the mandate tyrants; what they accuse him of, THEY do. I think he promoted the V in good faith, hoping it would work. He wanted RFK Jr on his panel but Fauci wouldn’t allow it. T was the very first one to promote Dr Zelenkos protocol of HCQ working and often said you didn’t need the V, just HCQ.

    I do appreciate the warning about some of these doctors we’ve been applauding being new agers. However, I think it is too big a leap to suggest a NWO conspiracy because they support the best political candidate. The reason they promote crypto is because they believe the govt cant steal it, like canada did to their protestors.

    1. LV McGraw

      To Janine, Trump had to create the Warp Speed Vaccine or Fauci and gang were going to shut down the entire nation until a vaccine was created. We know that would take many years. Trump did what he had to do to save our nation from that. Also, the shots were labeled “Experimental” which would give you a way out of taking one. The whole problem is that the vaccine was not about saving you from covid. It was about depopulation. It was also, to get you programed so they could track you like a bar code. This is why that after covid is long gone and has morphed into other weakened viruses, “they” still want people to get the shot. Believe me, they haven’t finished playing their covid game yet. They won’t quit until we are a New World Order.

  3. RobinInAZ

    Thank you once again Geri!

    If people haven’t done a seriously deep study of what Jesus was talking about when He said the end would be like the days of Noah, now would be the time to do so.

    It was not just about people eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, it was what the WORLD would be like. This is more proof.

    Do not put any faith in any man, political party or organized religion. Faith must be in Jesus alone, there is no other who can save, deliver and glorify us by His grace alone. Praise Him forever!!!

  4. saintsnotaints

    Wow. Hugo picked my brain and put it all together. The evil ALMOST deceives the VERY ELECT. The ELECT All get deceived.every word counts. Elect and very elect are not the same. The very elect are VERY only because they were elect not deceived. Elect are virgins with no oil or the many called. Very elect are virgins with oil and from the many called as the few chosen. Yep. Its a huge scam. Bridge out on present road so cross on the trump bridge. Like cattle being corralled. I dont trust this bridge.my closest loved friends think obama will return. I love and respect them as maybe they are correct? But since 2017 ive held to trump as son of perdition. Had thought his 2nd term would be cut by 6 months. I was wrong. I think trump will get 42 months or 3 1/2 years soon to continue. Thats what i think this is all about.

  5. watching68

    True… I had a dream about Christians running to try and escape wolves and get to safety but so many of those running with them were actually wolves in disguise. I was shown in my dream the safest place was in the closet with the doors and windows locked. I believe that mean’t to stay close to God in the secret place praying during these perilous and deceptive times. I am very wary who I listen to now and follow the Holy Spirit prompting if something seems off.

      1. Yvonne Knickerbocker

        Hugo mentioned near the end of the video that he would be doing a follow-up and posting it on his website.

  6. Shirley young

    Thank you for posting, we need to always pay attention to who we listen to and then sift thru the bad stuff and only follow and trust the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 its great to be warned of the sheep in wolves clothing! I like to hear the science of things and facts! I was thankful for NTEB God used Bro. Geoffrey to show me the truth on this shot of poision.

  7. LPP888

    Thanks for throwing up the questions and showing us the links to Lucius & UN
    My thoughts are this: I do not like the link to these organisations, yet still keep an open mind about Trump being one of them? Is it possible that they go to his Tours not as supporters, but as trolls. I personally do not feel comfortable with Stew or SStone, and find DIcke a bit over the top. None of these people, or the doctors interviewed, seem to be people of God? Anyway, we look forward to hearing your next video of connecting the dots : )

    1. LPP888

      Oh! Another thing that has always come back as a big ? Mark – why was Trump seen in pictures with Epstein (much like the rest of them: BGates, BClinton, and Others). People so wanted to believe the the T was Good? Whenever I questioned the pictures (esp one with T’s daughter in very revealing clothing, associated with Ep) … nobody would answer … people were hoping that he would be US Saviour?

    2. David Icke is more than just ‘a bit over the top’ — if you read even the Wikipedia page on him (& plenty of other well-documented sites), you’ll find he is deeper than most into the new-age deceptions, reptilian theology, etc … he enthusiastically admits that he ‘channels’ spirits and their messages in his books & publications and talks. Seems he is demon-possessed and proud of it; therefore, any truth he speaks about politics or the NWO agenda or big Pharma will always be laced with and tainted by the demons who are using him. So his listeners and followers should reject him and find other more reputable sources. (the same is true for all of these ‘deceived deceivers’)

  8. I find it compelling that the enemy always takes something that is TRUE (‘the shots are dangerous’, ‘the elites’ goal is depopulation’, ‘He will give His angels charge over thee’) — something that people can grab on to and agree with… and then he stacks on top of it and blends with it a LIE, more LIES, many LIES… and people are none the wiser, because of the grains of truth it began with. They don’t stop to reflect upon where and when the narrative shifted and they bought into the deception. It’s a carefully-crafted TRAP to ensnare the unwary. It requires continual vigilance, and we must be ever on guard against the wiles and mind-games of the wicked one.

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