3 thoughts on “2 Inmates at Women-only Prison Became Pregnant by Transgender Man Posing as a Woman

  1. Deleita

    Righteous Lot was vexed by the daily and unending evil of the sodomites. I am sure that he cried HOW LONG OH LORD, HOW LONG!. We too are tortured daily by the evil we are forced to see hear and we also say, “HOW LONG OH LORD …HOW LONG! Maranatha!

  2. Dale Vernon

    Duuh! Gee whiz who would have even thimk such a thing could ever happen? Or in the common venacular, “what could possibly go wrong”? I’m beginning to think “common” sense is an uncommon virtue for only the few these days cuz the days are absolutely NUTS. Are our prisons going to become orphanages and/or abortion mills as well?
    So we the taxpayer have to pay for the needless resulting tragedies this brings & watch the victims suffer as well. It also tortures our souls because our nation is willfully thumbing our noses at Biblical truth. We know our nation’s reaping of the whirlwind will not delay. Maranatha!

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