‘An omen’: Bird ‘poops on Biden on live TV’

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‘It’s a nice garnish for the verbal diarrhea pouring out of his mouth’

Is it a message from above?

Joe Biden was the recipient of a “gift” from the heavens Tuesday when a bird seemingly pooped on him during his televised speech.

The president was speaking in Menlo, Iowa, during the first stop of his administration’s new “rural infrastructure tour.”

As Biden said, “It’s not hyperbole. It’s about being made in America,” an apparent bird dropping that itself was made in America suddenly appeared on the left shoulder of the president’s blue blazer near the neckline.

And, of course, the video was posted on social media.

WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein wrote at the time: “Religious and other websites are using the headlines to point out that a biblical reference for Satan, the Semitic deity Beelzebub, literally translates from Hebrew into ‘Lord of the Flies.‘”

As Obama nominated two new members of his second administration, a swarming fly stole the show.

“This guy is bothering me here,” said Obama, who repeatedly swatted at a large black fly buzzing near his face.

It was not Obama’s first brush with a fly while the cameras were rolling.

In 2010, he halted a speech about health-care reform as a fly zipped around him.

During a June 2009 CNBC interview, Obama killed a fly on camera.

“Get out of here,” the president said with his eyes on the fly before the interview began. When the fly persisted, he killed it with a single blow.

“That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it?” said Obama of his feat. “I got the sucker.”

In a 2008 campaign appearance, Obama halted a local interview after a swarm of flies had gathered around him.

A posting at the popular Free Republic Web forum discusses Beelzebub and asks, “Is the White House fly infestation evidence of demonic presence and influence there?”

At RevalationNow.net, a posting by “editorial staff” muses about whether Obama is possessed by a demonic entity.

“I feel like I am watching a horror movie and the secret evil character is revealed by the evil signs around him,” the post reads.



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  1. saintsnotaints

    Omen, just maybe? Bird poop falls outa the sky non stop, yet few get dropped upon that often. Always thought reverse that God keeps the poop off us mostly. Enough, that when the poop in rare event hits, i wonder if i just spoke, thought or did wrong. Of course pure chance is an option too. In bidens case, i lean to a deeper meaning. As far as obamas flys, heh its obama.

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