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  1. Yep — it does seem the CHD author is trying to err on the side of caution, and not be sensationalistic… but still… if Dr Ardis’ idea of ‘do the opposite’ regarding CDC & WHO advice is to be followed, perhaps we should not completely discount the snake venom theory. If scientists can manipulate animal DNA & use animal proteins to create drugs/toxins, & gain-of-function manipulation, then the snake venom theory is not horribly far-fetched. I guess we just need to continue to ‘test all things’ and pray for discernment, and above all, trust the LORD. Check out this article: “VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nano-carriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)”. https://wethepundit.com/venomtech-company-announces-massive-library-of-snake-venom-peptides-for-pharmaceutical-development-nanocarriers-stabilize-snake-venom-in-water-pubmed-naturalnews-com-3/

    1. I am not completely discarding Dr. Ardis. Knowing that DECEPTION is rampant as Jesus said it would be, I am simply trying to give the reader the option to choose from credible sources what to believe.

      1. Amen, amen 🙂 …and we’re supposed to be wise as serpents & harmless as doves… especially appropriate in this particular case, hehe 😉

  2. Stephanie

    One thing this idea is not, is new, or far fetched. Snake venom is routinely used in pharmacology, pesticides, and cosmetics. It has been used to treat chronic pain, prevent alzheimer’s and strokes, and cure heart disease. This information is so elementary I took it from an elementary science book! (p. 66, par. 3 of Exploring Creation with Zoology 2) Using it to kill people isn’t new either. There is nothing new under the sun. The only question is are evil people currently using snake venom in the water supply to create sickness that they then seek to treat with more snake venom (powdered in Remdesevir) and then try to prevent with still more snake venom in a so called vaccine that delivers it intravenously taking it to every cell in our bodies where the mRNA literally alters our human DNA causing the vaccinated to actually produce venom in cells which are eventually shed through the skin and shared through bodily fluids to everyone else, transforming humanity into reptilian hybrids. There are other questions related to the other ingredients but that should be enough to generate some digging. At this point we are all accountable for what we don’t bother to ascertain.

    1. I hope you receive this in the spirit intended: I do not believe that our Lord Jesus will hold us “accountable” for something such as this. Times are confusing and few of us are scientists or doctors. I put various thoughts from other authors on this piece and I will not believe that my Lord Yeshua is angry at me for doing so. Shalom

  3. Stephanie

    That’s not exactly what I meant. I meant it in the way of Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for lack of knowledge because you have REJECTED knowledge.” In that sense we are accountable. Just saying that we bear some responsibility for weighing what is revealed against scripture. Too many people don’t know because they don’t want to know and don’t make the effort. We don’t have to be doctors or scientists to figure out basic right and wrong but we do need to do a little digging for the facts and we need to study the Word so we can rightly divide the truth.

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