Mother Earth’s“Cleansing”and the Rapture: How the Green Narrative Is the Demonic Lie for the Rapture

Pastor Brandon Holthaus Prophecy Update April 9, 2022

The world is going to have to have an excuse for why millions of people disappear in the Rapture. Fortunately, the forces of darkness have already shown their hand. According to people who channel demons and fallen angels, the forces of darkness already have a deceptive lie in place that will be used to explain away the Rapture.

That lie goes in concert with the Green Agenda that is currently being fostered by the ungodly such as Globalist, Leftist, UN, nations, politics, World Economic Forum, Big Corp, Big tech, Colleges and universities, schools, entertainment industry and the Media. Save the plate is the cry! But When one sees where this kind of Green information originates from, then you will see that there is a dragon behind it. A Green dragon.

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12 thoughts on “Mother Earth’s“Cleansing”and the Rapture: How the Green Narrative Is the Demonic Lie for the Rapture

  1. robinlinaz

    In a world gone mad, a ridiculous, laughable, moronic explanation for the Rapture will be accepted by all who believe in global warming, that Biden legitimately won the election, that men can give birth to babies and that Covid-19 was an act of nature and the jabs are safe.

    Maranatha! The hour of Jesus’s return is near, and we, His church, are praying for His glorious arrival!

  2. Mark V

    Wait a minute, I thought it was alien abductions. Or was it government internment reeducation camps? Maybe all of the above. Anything but the harpazo. Totally unscientific. “…and so always with the Lord we will be.”

  3. This article is a bit out there compared to the majority of articles you provide.
    Mother Earth’s“Cleansing”and the Rapture: How the Green Narrative Is the Demonic Lie for the Rapture

  4. saintsnotaints

    The pastor is correct about all the wickednes and players but i dont buy his jack van impe narrative at all.

      1. saintsnotaints

        He dont need mention a name but just doctrines. Pre trib and ufo taking people up is old jack van impe. Pre trib is a deadly heresy. It dont matter what one thinks the mark is, as most pre trib will take the mark because of faulty timing. But, free will allows all to believe what they want, and i respect that as free will is God given.

  5. Dale Vernon

    This bogus New Age “evacuation” supposedly mimicking the Rapture is Mother Earth “cleansing” itself of those who dont fit in & are holding back ME’s (BTW notice ME spells “me”) entrance to the higher dimension & is regarded as a good thing. Dont forget the unholy trinity is Me, Myself & I). The real Rapture group consists of all who died as a born again believer in Christ since Pentecost & those believers alive at the time of the Rapture. Also included are those who could not make a decision for Christ due to mental disabilities, abortion, sids, downs syndrome, those still in the womb or the age of accountability. These people at God’s Rapture will be made whole with a new perfect eternal human body in the twinkling of the eye & forever be with the Lord Jesus united with known relatives & friends who are also born again Christ believers. Parents of these people would be devastated to learn the truth their family members were evacuated because they were considered as “useless eaters” and or taken elsewhere to be “re-educated” & whatever happens to them after that is not explained. ME subtly claims “she” will not be “cleansed” until these & other undesireables with their negative vibrations are removed from “her” presence. These people thru no fault of their own are discarded by ME. That’s not a loving God talking that is the Devil who hates God & wants to deceive us as well. That’s no paradise on earth but evil perpetuated on steroids. Dont fall for the Devil’s lies, sinners, seek Jesus & get saved & escape the coming Great Tribulation of God’s wrath on the unrepentant.

    1. saintsnotaints

      Amen dale. As to what you said, as we approach passover,there are many points in exodus that few catch. All the sick and lame were healed by God going out. That will repeat at what is called the rapture.

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