32 thoughts on “QUESTION

  1. Mary

    I can’t even find how to get into the main page you mentioned.. Also there’s not been any comments or a way to comment. When I comment & ask to receive updates on new comments or posts, I get NOTHING.

    Thanks Geri!

  2. alison2658

    It happened to me twice last week, I had to log in again, and I’ve never had to do that before. It’s fine now

  3. I don’t think I have been locked out, but I have not been able to comment in the past. Trying to see if a comment works. Perhaps it goes to spam.

  4. saintsnotaints

    Yes have had every problem mentioned but not recently. And more at other places then your site. Have had it send before finish writing quite a bit or refuse to allow to write too. Not recently though.

  5. Kathleen Kelly

    When I turned on my Wifi TV this am, it came on but I couldn’t turn it off or change channels or control the sound. When I turned on my computer, I couldn’t access my websites or my email. My Wifi icon at the bottom was missing. So when I went to the bottom left search box and typed in wifi and then clicked on wifi trouble shooting, it turned my wifi on. But the wifi icon is still missing from bottom right. But I had no trouble when I clicked on your email. This may not have anything to do with the problem discussed here, but I was concerned this morning that something was interfering with the airwaves or ? Last evening everything was working properly.

      1. Mark V

        I haven’t been able to “like” the comments. Also, on other sites not just yours.

  6. Raul Garcia Jr

    All good here in New Orleans. Love you and how our Lord uses you for everyone to know thectruth during these times. We need you and so appreciate all of you involved. Love you and Timothy.

  7. Delieta

    What happened to me was when I clicked the link to open the email it said the site could not be found. That was all the emails from one day. Virginia area

  8. 16567d3

    It happened last week to me, but I can’t remember which articles that were affected. There were a couple at least. I always think that something fishy is going on when something like that happens, but I have to give some space to other reasons; however, having said that, there are NO anomalies that are not planned or intended. The enemy does a lot of things behind the curtains electronically.

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