Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick: JFK to 9/11 Part 1

A sister in Christ sent me this documentary today. At first I thought that I could not view this. I felt that it might put me in a dark place because of events happening at this time.

But then I began to read the comments under the video. It was then that I felt compelled to watch and publish this.

It is long, so I urge the readers to perhaps watch it in parts, but do watch it. The Secret Society has always been inspired and led by the enemy of our souls – Satan.

When I was a babe in Christ, I met an older gentleman at church who would dramatically impact my life as a writer. This was in the 1980’s. I was in my thirties and he (Bob) was approaching 70. He had read my letters to the editor which were published in various newspapers in our area.

I wrote about the evils of abortion and on many other moral issues. Bob approached me one Sunday morning and talked to me about my writing. He told me that he too was a “Letter to the Editor” writer, but on a larger scale. By that I mean that he would write his letters and do a mass mail-out to some of the most well known and powerful Newspapers in the country.

If the reader read my piece on “Sassy” magazine and how the Lord used me in our area to get that disgusting magazine taken out of stores; here is the article in which I speak of being used by our Lord to effect change in our area. I speak of Sassy Magazine in that piece; and Bob was the person who gave me the copy of “Sassy” and said to me “You will know what to do.”

“An Updated Article: One Person Proclaiming God’s Righteousness is Like an Army”

Bob told me that he could see that I had a flair for writing and encouraged me to press on with what he called “my ministry.” He invited me over to visit he and his wife. When I would visit, Bob would speak with me about things of which I had not heard. And when he would speak of these things, I could see that his countenance would change. He would become quite serious and I could see fear in his eyes.

He taught me about Secret Societies, The Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Bob told me that he had studied the Illuminati for many years. His preoccupation with the shadowy figures in the Illuminati proved to be too much for my friend. He would go in and out of major depression. Our pastor met with Bob frequently to help him put his eyes back on our Lord Yeshua.

With current events happening which clearly expose the Illuminati at work in our world, this documentary is both timely and educational. But do not fear. We are children of the Living God.

I will never forget my dear friend and brother in Christ, Bob. I look forward to seeing him in Glory with our Lord.


2 thoughts on “Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick: JFK to 9/11 Part 1

  1. I and my husband watched this this week, and it is chilling & eye-opening, extremely valuable information. However, the link in your post is a video that has been corrupted & has several ‘repeats’ of the same information over and over, and does not have the proper contents of the real entire original 3.5-hour video made by Francis Richard Conolly. We searched around and found another link that DOES contain the original full content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niTwvtokYf0&list=WL&index=77&t=9896s
    Apparently it is also listed on IMDB, and on Vimeo. And he has a book by the same title that’s now available on Amazon!

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