How The Antichrist Rises to Power (Rise of The Antichrist Movie)This Video Needs to be Viewed by Your Unbelieving Friends and Loved Ones


This cinematic presentation takes a deep dive into what the Bible says about the Man of Lawlessness. How will the Antichrist rise into power? Why would God allow it? How does the Bible say the world will be prior to the coming of the Antichrist? All of this is explored in detail. *Listen with headphones/speakers for the best musical experience!

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11 thoughts on “How The Antichrist Rises to Power (Rise of The Antichrist Movie)This Video Needs to be Viewed by Your Unbelieving Friends and Loved Ones

  1. Karen Kimball

    I watched this video. It is very well done. However, apparently they do not believe in a pre-trib rapture. Also, they don’t mention anything about the 7-year tribulation. They seem to show the Anti-Christ showing up and taking power in a calm and “normal” world, when in reality, during the 7-year tribulation (especially after the mid-point, and I would also argue after the Rapture of the Church before the Tribulation begins), there will be massive death, wars, pestilences, destruction of the world by fire and other calamities due to God’s judgement and utter chaos and lawlessness. There are several other things missing but that’s all I will go into now. They just don’t seem to be looking at the bigger picture of what will be happening in the world at the time that the anti-Christ comes to power as foretold in Bible prophecy.

    1. Kathleen(kc)Anderson

      Karen Kimball: This whole video also bothered me because of the many things it left out. This particular site (AoC) says it represents God’s Kingdom, which smacks of Kingdom Now theology. I am not at all comfortable with this. Kathleen Anderson

      1. I did not feel that the narrator was preaching the false doctrines of NAR or “Kingdom Now” I thought that he referenced Scripture from Daniel and Revelation very well. The video was not about Tribulation as much as it was about “How the Antichrist Rises” and I thought it was done well. And the timing of the Rapture is certainly not as important as sharing the Gospel of Christ. I have watched as Christians nearly tear one another apart over eschatology and I do not believe that Jesus would approve of this.

      2. Mark V

        “At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge over your people…” Michael arises to defend Israel, he’s not “taken out of the way.”Although the Scripture isn’t specific on who is restraining, presenting Michael as having power over the whole earth isn’t consistent with what has been revealed.

      3. I have always been taught that it is the Holy Spirit removed when the Rapture occurs, but I didn’t want to disparage this narrator over this point. All in all, I do think that the video was well done……..not perfect……but well done.

  2. Mark V

    Other than saying Michael is the restrainer instead of the Holy Spirit who works through the church and when the church is raptured then the antichrist will be revealed, it was sound.

  3. saintsnotaints

    Something about never leave nor forsake you to me means the holy spirit remains with the true flock to the end. I do not know who or what the restrainer is though have various theorys. But just dont think its the holy spirit but again i do not know as a fact any option.

  4. saintsnotaints

    Consider this video valuable and respect its opinions but i have some alternative opinions also to share. Am well aware israel has a revived sanhedrin and high priest. And the prefab temple is built stored in warehouses and all needed inside is made. But recently all the temple harps burned up in a fire. Think God was saying something. Mens plans dont always happen. I do not see that temple ever put up in our time. I think the 3rd temple is the body of Christ. When a DNA changing sauce is put into that living temple stone, satan now stands in the temple where he ought not and desolation is a result of that abomination. The people will never call him the antichrist nor will they call the mark the mark. But will accept and worship both. Also, the false prophet has daughters and adopted ones too are likely. The false prophet is organized fallen religion. Its later than some may realize. Good people sadly do perish and lose all. Also understand by the scientific papers that those that take the sauce, once the fleet of small 6g 7g satellites are turned on, free will of the sauced people ends as they morph into biological synthetic hybrid robots and of course they will be instructed to worship perditions son. This is summation in brief of hundreds of hours of resrarch of printed, aidio and video material.
    What to do, follow this film and latch onto Jesus in love and obediance and dont take a sauce unto death.
    Many are called few are chosen. Elect are the called. Very elect are the chosen. The very elect are almost deceived means the elect fall but very elect dont. Virgins with and virgins without oil. 3 parallel verses. Do not lose heart as loved ones take the sauce. Its very sad. Its family. But this is a new family in Christ forming for the world to come very soon. Yes id be upset if my opinion does not show. I put heart love and time into this short message if it should help even just one.again, its all my opinion but quite educated one in my opinion. I will try to answer any sincere question to best of my ability if i can. Happy 2022.

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