I Have Been Warned by FACEBOOK That I am at Risk of Being Banned if I Publish Anymore of my Articles about Covid and the Jab

Years ago, my largest FB page was taken down – Covid was not in the equation. The uber- Liberal FB did not like my politics and took down my page which had over 3000 friends. Many of my friends were prayer warriors and I have not been able to contact them.

Well, it’s happening again. I received this warning a couple of days ago:

I am posting this so that the readership who have waited for the articles to be seen on FB will now go to my WordPress and FOLLOW me.

Please share this with friends and family who are readers of this blog site.

IF FACEBOOK hates me this much, I must be doing something right!


7 thoughts on “I Have Been Warned by FACEBOOK That I am at Risk of Being Banned if I Publish Anymore of my Articles about Covid and the Jab

  1. Anne Wenstad

    Get off Facebook, find another social media site. I closed my Fb account years ago, and I have not missed it one single day. Nobody should submit to their speech/opinion tyranny.

  2. Hi Geri, you remind me of this verse,
    Isaiah 54:17 – No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
    May our Lord lead you, protect you and bless you as you keep on his path. hugs, Debbie in SC

  3. LV McGraw

    I had NO IDEA that you were even on Facebook!!! In fact, I thought you were removed long ago. The reason I think that is because didn’t you tell us once to go to your husband’s page on facebook???

  4. Travis

    If you are a Christian, please close any account you have with Facebook. For one thing they have aligned themselves against truth and against Jesus. For another thing their terms of service, last I checked, say that Facebook can unilaterally change their contract with you at any time, in any way, to be effective immediately. By agreeing to their terms of use you are literally entering into a “blank cheque” contract with them, which I don’t believe is godly.

    Let us also pray that the leadership of that company would repent and call on the name of Jesus for mercy so that they might escape the eternal torment of hell and also end their destructive pursuit of evil.

    Peace, Joy,
    Come Lord Jesus, conquer with the breath of your nostril!

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