4 thoughts on “A New Video “As we Pray” by Bob Fitts: Video made by Tim Ungurean

  1. Joy D'Andrea

    This is so worshipful. I have this CD and is one of my favorite worship tapes. I am sending this to my brother Jim who is fighting for his life with COVID pneumonia. His wife will play it for him in hospital. Only prayer will see him through. I covet your prayers at this time.

      1. Joy D'Andrea

        Unfortunately Geri, my brother passed away December 11th. He could not take it any longer. Very devastated because I am not sure of his status re Christ. Covid pneumonia is terrible and few make it through that.

      2. I’m so sorry, sis 🙁 Our neighbor has Covid pneumonia and was very close to dying, but she is now recovering.They are sending her to a rehab for a few days before they send her home.

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