1. Mary

    Veri I can’t vet this to play. Is there another link to it or can this be fixed?

    THANK You for ALL you do in getting the word put to us!

      1. Joy D'Andrea

        This is horrific. Unfortunately few will believe. I have been saying this for awhile but basically told to shut up. I guess people will only learn the hard way. ☹

      2. My children do not allow me to speak of these “truths” – they don’t say shut up but they say “Do NOT speak these lies to us – we will not discuss Covid with you.”

      3. Joy D'Andrea

        I guess we have a lot in common. A parent’s grief over unsaved children is very painful. Glad I have you Geri to share with♥️.

  2. Mary

    I was able to get it to play, THANK You Jesus!

    I had to Reload the page about three (3) times, then it played!

    Thanks Geri!

  3. Michael Driskill

    I would like to know where I can find the abstracts for the findings she mentioned. I have seen some videos from Europe that I saved that show the strange behavior of the cellular material in the Astra-Zeneca and Moderna “fixes”. I am a PHN with 42 years in the field of micro, patho, infection control, immunizations, and 4 years in gene therapy replacement… I have 56+ gigs of videos, charts, education seminars, medical study abstracts, all of which prove your thesis… just need some links to the studies and findings… thank you for your sharing… be safe… God bless all you do…

  4. Andrew Deak

    I saw the video. So what should I do if I believe in that but I already got the first and second shots? I did so back in March of this year before I started hearing about this. I was in the second group it was available for of 65 and older. I don’t plan to get another booster shot.

    1. Michael Driskill

      Stay in the position you are now in- no booster, period. If you should acquire C19, which is now considered a possibility for a lot of folks that were inoculated, still do not take a booster… dose up now on Lyposomal Vitamin C (better bioavailability into the cells for better protection, Quercetin (Immune Health), and Zinc Picolate (Swanson’s- https://www.swansonvitamins.com). Also make sure you take a super multivitamin (CVS- SpectrVite is a very good and well balanced product). Drink a good amount of water (32-64 oz per day), stay away from an inordinate amount of sweets (sugar is a bacteria and virus “food”), walk and breath 1.5- 2.5+ miles per day (5 days a week at least when possible). If you are overweight, lose pounds… Etc…

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