4 thoughts on “People Who Got the JAB are CONTAMINATING Our BLOOD SUPPLY and Putting us ALL at Risk (VIDEO)

  1. Marc Maximilien Authier

    The ultimate goal of these satanists trans humanists is to destroy our godly human DNA. People like Bill Gates, Serguei Brin, Klaus Schwab think of themselves as better than God. In sum they are truly like the Nazis in the 30s or the British eugenicists like Sir Thomas Galton and Charles Darwin. They see our body as merely a machine or worse a computer program. Their goal again is destroying what makes us human. Once you receive the vaccine you stop being totally human and become indeed partially a GMO.

  2. This is just like AIDS. What next. My husband had to start chemo yesterday. As he was taken away ( I am not allowed to be with him) a bald woman, obviously not well came up in a wheel chair. We started talking and I couldn’t believe her. She starts talking about being hospitalized, on all kinds of antibiotics because since getting the jab, her condition worsened!!! Yah think!!! But, she added, at least I have it!!! What?? Then she says her 30 year old son is now hospitalized because after his shot, he started passing blood in his urine. Then she says, “ I think these shots are dangerous,,” I honestly didn’t know what to say.

  3. readernan52

    I’ve been wondering when someone would address this issue. I hope and pray none of my loved ones or myself needs a transfusion any time soon. I’ve only heard of one country forbidding injected donors from giving blood. I really believe this is intentional. Bill Gates, et al have depopulation as their goal.

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