Dr. Peter McCullough’s Latest Video on the DANGERS of the Covid Jab: “It’s ALWAYS Been About the VACCINE – ALL ROADS Lead to the So-Called Vaccine” (VIDEO)

Brethren, I use the term “Vaccine” in the title loosely and only because Dr. McCullough refers to this death jab as a vaccine.

He knows full well that the Jab is NOT a Vaccine!


Keep looking up, my brothers and sisters in Christ!

God is in FULL Control! Don’t EVER lose sight of that!!

God knew before He laid the foundations of the earth that the Globalists would launch this Genocidal attack against the human race.

Does this change His plan for the Rapture, Tribulation and His coming again to rule and reign? NEVER!!!

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it
” (Isaiah 55:11).


23 thoughts on “Dr. Peter McCullough’s Latest Video on the DANGERS of the Covid Jab: “It’s ALWAYS Been About the VACCINE – ALL ROADS Lead to the So-Called Vaccine” (VIDEO)

  1. Marc Maximilien Authier

    And which is the most idiot nation when it comes to COVID 19 ???????? I have to admit it. Israel. I have family living there. The israeli government is TOTALLY CORRUPT and TOTALLY EVIL. They have used almost all Israelis as laboratory rats !!!!! without any consideration that these vaccines were experimental, dangerous, DEADLY, UNSAFE and UNTESTED. We will need a Nurenburg trial not against the Nazis this time but again the rulers of Israel. If ever the Holocaust happens this time, the LIKUD will indeed have to be targeted for crimes against humanity. The forced vaccinations, the vaccine passports, the tyranny saw the day in Israel first. It is really sad to see how stupid some Jews, even in my family, are stupid !!!!! And where was the informed consent required by the Nurenburg Code ? Nowhere to be seen. These politicians in Israel and the West are truly DEMONS.

    1. I just read that the 1967 war that took place, and I can’t prove it’s true or not…the Jews that say they are Jews, and are not…took over, NOT the regathering of REAL JEWS. Makes sense. And they’re battering and terrorizing the Palestinians, who were living in peace. I’d sure like to know more…more of the real truths that are being covered up. They’ve got us hating the Palestinians, and it may be all by design to hate the good, and love the bad?! Could be….not sure. But the Palestinians are being treated horribly, and kept like slaves. IF IT’S TRUE.

      1. Anita

        It’s Israel’s land & always has been..The Demon Rats are supporters of the Palestinians, aren’t they? & I’ve seen over the years how they are constantly blaming Israel for what they do! Just like The Demon Rats do here..Plain & simple

  2. Marc Maximilien Authier

    The most zealots in the tragedy have been the Israelis by the way, not the Americans or the French. The most stupid of the bunch are the Israelis and UK. And look what is happening. All those vaccinated are the ones getting Covid 19 and mutating the virus.

  3. Jim V.

    Geri, HI. Hope things are well with you and your husband. I have a question for you, how come the Israeli government demanding the vaccination? Don’t the Jews government realized that 6 million Jews were murdered during WW2? I’m mean, really?!!! It’s heartbreaking for the Jews over there in Israel. I pray to God somebody waking up before it getting worse. I have always support the Israel, but this new Israeli government is a red flag, I don’t like this new leader, Bennett. Bibi was the best leader, This boggle my mind, I still don’t understand why the Israeli leaders are pushing the V, don’t they know V are poison? Of course they do!! I’m speechless and dumbfounded. God help us.

    1. The new Israeli government is just like the Biden Administration. Delusion and deception is everywhere. I believe that the only ones who can discern this EVIL are those who have the Holy Spirit.

      1. Yes, I believe also, only those in dwelled with the Holy Spirit can discern it! Thank you for sharing the truth, I shared this post with my online Christian group…so you’re reaching more than you know! Are you on Telegram?

      2. Jim V.

        Hi Geri. I was told that Bennett is working closely with EU leaders. The rumor was that Bennett could be a globalist, I’m not sure if this were true or not. You’re correct new Israeli government is like Biden Administration. Amazing, crazy world these days.

  4. Fauci, the CDC, WHO, politicians, the Marxist media, and their Marxist “fact-checkers” LIED about infected numbers and death toll numbers for the past 19-months, they are lying about the 2021 vaccine death numbers now.

    ONLY when you take the time to READ the attending physician reports yourself, will you see that ALL of these “COVID DEATHS” occurred AFTER the patients received one or more of the vaccines. You will also see that it doesn’t matter which vaccine they took, as they are all causing the same effects.

    These reports deal strictly with patients who had DIED AFTER RECEIVING their vaccines. They DO NOT include anyone who has died without a vaccine, or anyone forever disabled by the vaccines, but still living.

    My previous column lays much of this truth bare, HERE. Other good investigative writers like Devvy Kidd at NewsWithViews, are also working feverishly to expose the real FACTS that every American MUST know immediately, in order to save their own lives and that of their loved ones.

    Unfortunately, we cannot make everyone READ these facts, or make them take the appropriate actions after. All we can do is do the homework and present the real facts. The rest is up to YOU, the American people.

    You will have to decide who you believe, the thirteen democrat doctors making billions off their vaccines, or the 2300 virologists sounding the alarm all over the world. Will you believe Fauci, Joe Biden, Trump, and DeSantis? Or will you believe more than 10,000 international Frontline Doctors?

  5. A worldwide Genocide is unfolding: Expert vaccine scientist Dr. Vanden Bossche

    Dr. Bossche said that when you take the vaccine, very specific antibodies go into your immune system and neuter the nonspecific antibodies that are there to fight off all that attacks your body. It renders your immune system as totally nonfunctioning. It cannot defend you from anything else that attacks you, nor a potential hybrid and more deadly version of Covid 19, which he states is starting to pop up around the world in highly vaccinated countries. Now the deaths are rapidly growing and out of control.

    What has been unleashed with the release and push of vaccines on people here and around the world is nothing but an unfolding Genocide.

    Doctors and scientists had better get busy figuring out how they are going to save the hundreds of millions who have taken this vaccine and are literally waiting for the next virus or illness to attack them that they cannot fight.

  6. Last week was the second week in a row more Americans died from the Covid vaccine than from Covid itself. That’s astonishing. And the death count is accelerating rapidly.

    This “vaccine” is a disaster. As a matter of fact, it’s not a vaccine. It’s an untested, rushed-to-production, “experimental” shot approved “for emergency use only.” This is far different than polio, smallpox, or any other life-saving vaccines in our history.

    The truth is this vaccine must be immediately suspended, before it kills, injures and maims more Americans (ie human guinea pigs).

    Don’t let the liberal fake news media confuse you, or shame you. This experimental Covid shot has as much in common with a life-saving polio vaccine, as a dog has in common with an alligator.

    But the same mainstream media that opens all newscasts and every front page of newspapers with the number of Covid cases and deaths, has never reported on the number of Covid vaccine deaths and injuries Strange, yes?

    Did you know VAERS reports over 11,140 Americans dead directly from the vaccine? And over 400,000 seriously injured, or adversely affected by the shot?

    This VAERS system is widely considered to be greatly under-reported. So, the numbers are undoubtedly much higher. Are you aware a whistleblower claims the death toll from the vaccine is actually over 45,000 in just one reporting district? A lawsuit was filed just this week claiming the CDC is hiding this gigantic death count.

    In the EU the numbers are even worse.
    Even more remarkable is the complete fabrication told by the CDC over the past few days. They claim everyone getting Covid is unvaccinated. It’s such an absurd lie, Pinocchio would blush. The overwhelming majority of newly infected people are vaccinated .

  7. Governments everywhere have lied and lied and lied about every one of the central narrative points about this virus. The effect of compliance with their ludicrous policy responses has been to hollow out humanity and supercharged the number of deaths that were completely avoidable . The number of alleged COVID-19 cases in the U.S. – 33,977,764 – is a grotesque lie because of the use of a PCR test which we know scientifically does NOT detect either a dead or living virus. The testing was a complete scam from the start .

    The number of deaths from this phantom virus is also a monstrous lie: 653,206. Even the CDC had to finally admit that about 5% of deaths were caused only from COVID-19, so the total of Covid 19 deaths is about 32,660 deaths to date which is like an average for an influenza season. CDC and media sources lied and knew they were lying all along .

    “These people all need locking up in that new high-security facility The prima facie case against a dozen or so people in U.K. warrants their arrest pending criminal prosecutions. The CDC has lied all along about the safety of these vaccines . This is a deception of unprecedented proportions and worldwide purposeful genocide . Crimes committed against humanity on a huge scale have been committed here.” These vaccines have killed close to 80,000 people already which is far far more people than the corona virus itself and permanently crippled hundred’s of thousands of others .

  8. LOOK UP

    July, 29th & 30th: Emergency Summit with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis.

    Be prepared to be blown away , these vaccines are deadly. ALL deaths are coming from vaccinated people . CDC and media are lying.

  9. July, 29th & 30th: Emergency Summit with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis


  10. July, 29th & 30th: Emergency Summit with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis

  11. It’s a crime that the entire main stream media and social media are blocking this information . That’s how ridiculously corrupt the left wing media is :

    It’s very very very difficult to find factual information these days since all search engines only link to propaganda sources .

    Try searching for political info on Google for instance , the ONLY links they will show you are from the below hard left wing propaganda sources :

    ALL factcheckers will also ONLY link to the below sources:

    Cnn, Msnbc,Abc,Cbs, Nbc, HuffPost, NYT, WashPost, The AP, BuzzFeed, Politico, NewsWeek, The Hill, Rolling Stone, Sky News, USA Today, Time, LA Times, Reuters, BBC, Boston Globe, Vox, The Miami Herald, Mother Jones, Snopes, HLN Yahoo, MSN, NY Daily News, Vice, Univision, Wikipedia, People, PBS, NPR, Politifact, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Daily Beast, Bloomberg, Aurn, National Journal, BI ,

    The best way to know with 100% certainty what’s factual info is to seek out what the main stream media insist is disinformation because what they claim is disinformation and not trustworthy is 100% trustworthy .

  12. cnash

    The CDC and VAERS are busy deleting COVID vaccine death reports and they are NOT accepting any new “vaccine death reports” from medical professionals on the frontlines.

    But before they could delete all of them, I exported several VAERS reports to a secure thumb drive and then posted them for the world to consider HERE and HERE. (newswithviews.com/why-governor-desantis-thinks-you-are-safe-if-vaccinated/)

    This is what you will see if you click and read these reports, which are posted in the original VAERS exported form, without any edit or alteration.

    ALL (100%) of these attending physician reports to VAERS concerning “new COVID deaths” are in patients that have received these vaccines, no exceptions. ALL of these reports are “post-vaccine deaths.”(But that’s NOT how they are marked)

    The second report separated these death reports by vaccine manufacturer.

    ALL of them have been marked by VAERS and the CDC as mere “COVID DEATHS” with none of them marked “vaccine deaths,” even though all of them happened “post-vaccine.”

    In report after report, you will read horrifying accounts from attending physicians, of exactly how these vaccines are ravaging the bodies of the vaccinated, from the inside out, until dead.

  13. On another note , Biden got a total of between 38 and 40 million LEGIT votes everything north of that figure was proven to be 100% fraudulent .

    That’s one of the biggest reasons the left is still trying to destroy Trump , you would have to be one of the dumbest people to ever walk the planet to think Biden won this election legitimately .

    Everybody knew he had no shot and thanks to the data crunchers and numbers experts we now know it’s true . By 9:30 PM on election night it was already a mathematical impossibility for Biden to have won.

    Does anybody remember what Biden said when NOBODY and I mean NOBODY showed up to any of his rallies , even when Obama campaigned with him nobody showed. He said the below:

    On October 24th, 2020, Joe Biden stated: Nobody has to vote for me for me to win , we have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Whether he meant to say it or not, he confessed to what the entire world knew from day one .

    Biden was right because nobody did .

  14. When I think of the many who will have lost loved ones due to the Covid vaccine, I feel outrage! Most of us have loved ones who have been vaccinated for Covid, and now we are to understand they have been poisoned with a deadly virus? This must be at the forefront of the news today! Why is it not???????

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