12 thoughts on “Video of People Who Took the Jab all Over the U.S. and Now Wish They Had Not! “We Want to Be Heard!”

  1. This is heart breaking!!! My God, it is criminal!!! Praise God for those of us who heard the still small voice. Father God, in the name of Jesus, let the knowledge of His soon return and His message of salvation reach as many as possible. Let Your wall of protection surround those calling on Your name to keep us safe from this in-cringing evil and Give comfort and healing to those suffering!! Amen and amen

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  4. Pam Parsons

    To those who are suffering from having taken the injections and to those who made this video. There is help for you. Dr Richard M Fleming, along with other scientists and doctors, have developed a system to treat covid-19 that is also effective for people who have adverse effects from the injections. Go to flemingmethod.com for information about this treatment. This is currently being used in countries outside the U.S. and it is offered without charge. Dr Fleming is a cardiologist, a physicist and a lawyer. He and his colleagues are speaking out to end the administration of these injections, and they have researched the medical reasons behind the adverse reactions in order to develop a treatment. Please go to flemingmethod.com to find out how to get help.

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  6. lydial portalatin

    i took the frist shot of moderma but not the second will my blood carry the poison

      1. Linda Pippin

        Not taking that shot! Stay strong 💪 people! Come quickly Lord Jesus 🙏🏼

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