11 thoughts on “STOP VACCINE NOW – EMAIL YOUR POLITICIANS NOW: By Geert Vanden Bossche

  1. It’s just so very heart wrenching to share this disastrous news with people who have already taken it!!! We want to prevent them from a second or third ‘booster’ AND to protect their precious children but what horrifying news to have to share with Gods precious people who did not know better and took this literal bio weapon. Whether one or two or more.
    I’ve been wrestling with this for months! Thoughts everyone?

    I used to send COUNTLESS warnings to all
    my contacts at the beginning of this nightmare to prevent them from ever consenting to be poisoned from the start but now? When SO many are so proudly (👿) displaying their vaccine status (Yikes!) AND worse… encouraging others to do the same? Even pastors!!!! Now I pray a lot before sharing anything.
    Just curious how others are dealing with this huge check in the spirit. !!! What to do to protect as many innocents as possible without terrifying them in the process?!
    It has always been my desire to try to temper scary news with a remedy/hope to go alongside. Otherwise I feel it is NOT Godly. Such a fine thin line!!! Praying for the wisdom of Solomon.

    1. Patricia Harden

      I could have written this response. My goodness! How many of us have sent warnings only to see our friends come up and say “I’m vaccinated now so we can hug.” I go home trying to empty my mind of the knowledge of what will happen to these sweet people in the not so far future.
      My daughter has not taken the jab however a friend of hers is getting married in Vegas in September. Since my daughter lives on Maui, she will have to be jabbed if she wants to return home because Hawaii is requiring proof of vaccine if you come to the islands! I was begging her to stay above this intimidation! How important is this wedding compared to your life?
      I will send emails, I will do phone calls demanding this emergency approval of the jab be STOPPED!
      God, I cry out to You to help us. Pray, pray more, pray unceasingly.

      1. Amen. Pray without ceasing. My children and grandchildren all have gotten the jab. Some of them treat me badly, asking “Don’t you care about others?”

    2. watching68

      Kim, I am in the same boat! I too sent out warning video’s and information and asked people to do their own due diligence before making an informed choice to take the experimental v ax’s . Only two people i contacted did research more and cancelled or refused the appointment to take it and both are still standing strong. However the other people have had 1 or both shots, therefore, it does not seem helpful to share some of this information that is coming out because it would cause fear. It is heart breaking because so many thought they were doing the right thing to protect others.
      I have recently had dreams where 2 people very close to me (who have now had both shots,) had both their legs cut off and I was trying to get them to stand. I don’t know what it means but is was a similar dream on 2 different nights , 1 one was my sister and the other my adult foster son. Maybe they can’t stand up against it now because they have already compromised their system.
      We must keep praying for guidance and wisdom to only speak what is helpful in their current circumstances. It is always more important to preach the gospel message because even if they are not receptive at the time, if worse case scenario plays out it can be brought to their mind even at the last hour!
      God bless you!

      1. watching68

        Yes it is Godly to tell the truth and also to tell the truth in love as I am now seeking to do with those who have already taken both shots.
        We who have been called to the battle of the ‘info war’ that is raging all around us, have had to pay the price of sharing unpalatable truths. I have not drawn back from that sharing of truth as led to do so, even though it has caused separation from almost all my friends and family and even close neighbors now. It has been painful but unavoidable because of the strong compulsion to get the truth out. However, this video of Geert and Del. I did watch a while back and have already shared it extensively and still refer to it a lot in comments on you tube etc , that is where I now mostly get the information out in the comments section, to strangers, especially since I have been blocked from dong so by most of those that know me personally.

      2. I, too, have dine due diligence and warned family and friends. My grown son I will never get the jab. But, my Mother, 89 yrs, is frantic for the jab. Nothing will convince her to not do so. She only believes MSM, and Nothing will change her mind. I research deeply, all things. These vaccines are of the devil. I actually saw a picture of a man yesterday, with other wounded “vaccined.” He lost his lower leg.
        The injuries, etc., only will increase with time. I have read that Fauci is now stating new jab every 1-2 months. The globalists and the devil, are getting desperate. The spike protein(s) in the vaccines are the biggest threat to all. However, more people are learning about the HIV that is also in the vaccine, among other additives. And, the spike protein is shed by the vaccinated…causing me to not be in close proximity to anyone vaccinated. All one can do is share the truth, as we do with The Truth. Pushing causes people to “double down” in their decisions and unbelief, sadly. May God help us all.

  2. Joy D'Andrea

    People seem to be deaf to the truth these days. But I am forwarding to FB and family members. They will never be able to say to me that I never informed them. I get so frustrated with the stubbornness and attitude I get from my family but I continue to pray. God is greater and is very faithful. God bless you Geri.

  3. I liken it to shouting to a person who is headed for the edge of a cliff. STOPPPP!! And even if the person with whom you are sharing already got the jab – others are watching……….

    1. The Greatest of these is Love

      So if the vaccinated are shedding all these variants then before they die are the unvaccinated facing an onslaught of maximized viruses from the vaccinated? Am I looking at this right?

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