Thank you

I felt today that I should write a short note of thanks to all those who have been supporting Absolute Truth. We appreciate this more than words can say.

I used to send out thank you notes, but battling these hives and exhaustion has been pretty rough. Please forgive me for not thanking you Individually.

Much Love in Yeshua,

Geri & Tim


20 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Nita Downum

    Geri you are so thoughtful and sweet. I feel like everyone else, that you have been so sacrificial in your writings and keeping us informed. I have suffered from hives, not the extinct that you have and know how miserable it is. Just pray for your strength and thank you. God’s blessings.

  2. Marsha Key

    I’m also dealing with hives, and praying you will get better soon. I look forward to your comments every day. I’ve finally gotten clear. We love you, dear Geri.

  3. Kathleen(kcAnderson

    Your continuing these important writings is a great big thank you. Praying for your relief and healing.

  4. Albert

    Continue your great work. I’m sure there are many that have grown in wisdom n getting to know our Lord n Saviour.through your ministry.God Bless.AMEN

  5. Bonnie

    Thank you for everything you do! I have been forwarding your emails to friends and family members. I feel very blessed to get your emails. You are definitely doing gods work. I’m praying that you feel better soon. God bless

  6. Dale Vernon

    Our reward is 2 fold. #1 Your info is timely & informative keeping us all apprised of the govt outright lies & deceptions heaped upon us all 24/7 as well as our friends, neighbors, employers who parrot this garbage. I support u because your work is Holy Spirit sanctioned & what Jesus likes I like. #2 My other reward is in heaven given by Jesus for supporting people like you as u & others do His will. Actually I should be thanking you as I would probably have taken the jab bcuz info to the contrary was kept hidden. Even the VA whom I am dependent on is putting on the pressure. I gave up my free VA dental bcuz they always wanna cram the swab into my brain. Ur info prevented me from even doing that. Would be tough to stand against the jab if it goes mandatory but your input keeps me from taking it cuz it just plain makes more sense to avoid it. Especially the 18REASONS paper u put..excellent work…u getta A+ on that one!

  7. Cindy

    Thank YOU, Geri! Continuing in prayer for healing and for strength to do all the Lord has given you to do! You are such a blessing to many!

  8. So appreciate yoir faithful dedication Geri. Our God is getting us through, and it just seems the day approaches quicker on a daily basis. The whole atmosphere has changed. Blessings

  9. readernan52

    Bless you, Geri, for being so faithful to witness for the Lord. Those of us who struggle with auto-immune disorders understand very well and empathize with you. I think you’re actually a very strong woman of God to keep going in spite of your physical problems. Praying for relief from the hives and a solution soon!

  10. diane

    Praying for you our faithful sister, that the hives will go as quickly as them came. Yes, autoimmune disorders come out of no where…then eventually they leave., Thanks for keeping up the good fight, and not letting the enemy win. We all are blessed with your daily inbox blessings….I agree with Margkie, the atmosphere has changed drastically all around us. Thanks for your encouragement and giving us the vital information as the days get darker….then we will finally see the Beautiful light!!!! Shalom!!

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