4 thoughts on “DARWIN AFRICA & GENOCIDE: The Horror of Scientific Racism: CRT (Critical Race Theory) Should be changed to DRT (Darwinian Race Theory)

  1. North America

    Dear Sister In Christ Mrs. Geri

    My wife and I thank God for you to devote your effort to bringing us excellent news in which you will pursue where this world is headed because of sin and which we share with other believers in Christ and non-believers in faith so that God will help them open their eyes and they can come to repentance through Jesus Christ

    May God continue to bless and use her according to His Will in him Name of Jesus Christ .

    With much appreciation of his brother in Jesus Christ,

    Moses & Wife.

    Jesus Christ He Messiah Comes Soon For His Faithful ChurchJesus Christ He Messiah Comes Soon For His Faithful Church ! ! !

  2. Mark V

    Evolutionist today will try to defend Darwin and say he wasn’t racist; but his book prior to Descent of Man -the Origin of Species was subtitled The Preservation of Favoured Races for the Struggle of Life. In 1904, Ota Benga, a Congo pygmie, was put on display at the St. Louis fair. In 1906 he was put in a cage in the Bronx Zoo. These were disciples of Darwin who did this and is a result of a worldview vs. the biblical view. Evolution vs. “God created man in His own image.” One blood. One race. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness supress the truth.”

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