4 thoughts on “CAROLINE GLICK from Israel: “The Good Thing about being on the Offense is that the Gloves Come off: No more Mr. Nice Guy”

  1. Mellany McKenzie

    This made me chuckle; I respect and admire and pray for Caroline Glick;
    I listen to all her podcasts and receive updates for years now and that quote is from the latest podcast.I call her the “girl with the plan”
    She always has one and her book was a good read.
    One state solution just like the Bible states

    I cannot wait for Jesus to rule and reign from Jerusalem;
    For his feet to touch the mount of olives and then a great earthquake and then the dead sea will live again
    All people will know the LORD for the knowledge of the LORD will cover the whole earth

    She is correct. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Makes me smile each time I read it or say it:)

    Well everything is out on the floor now
    Even Obama says there are UFO’s and there is going to be a new religion.
    If only he read the Bible and repented?

    I find it difficult to pray for governments and world leaders but I do pray for their households b/c maybe God in his mercy will save some of them.

    Isaac Herzog as President?
    The cobbled together enemies of Bibi as the Israeli government?
    To echo O’Biden -Come on Man?-:)

    We have to be so close to the Rapture of the Church:)
    I am hoping today and I know the persecuted church has to be as well.

    Not sure what else to say but echo your words

    Thank you for all that you do Gerri and I mean that sincerely.

    In Christ

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